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Windsor Broker $30 Forex No deposit Bonus

**Introduction to the $30 Free Account Promotion**

In the ever-evolving landscape of online trading, getting a head start can make all the difference. Recognizing the significance of empowering traders from the outset, Windsor Brokers presents the “$30 Free Account Promotion.” This in-depth guide unravels the intricacies of the promotion, providing insights into eligibility criteria, terms, and conditions, as well as the potential benefits for participants.

**Eligibility and Participation**

The doorway to this exclusive promotion is accessible to new live account holders of Prime Accounts, denominated in US$, EUR €, GBP £, or JPY ¥. This enticing offer, however, is exclusively tailored for newcomers; existing live account holders are not eligible to participate. Furthermore, participants must meet a minimum age requirement of 18 to engage in trading activities responsibly.

**Qualifying for the $30 Free Account**

Securing entry into the “$30 Free Account Promotion” requires obtaining a fully approved Live trading Prime account. This initial step not only renders participants eligible for the promotion but also sets the stage for the issuance of non-withdrawable trading credit, colloquially known as the “Trading credit” or simply “Credit.”

**Nature of the $30 Free Account**

At the heart of the “$30 Free Account Promotion” lies the essence of trading credit. However, participants must bear in mind that this credit assumes the form of non-withdrawable trading credit. This means that while it can’t be withdrawn or transferred, it provides participants with a financial advantage, allowing them to initiate trades and explore the trading platform’s offerings.

**Validity and Conditions of the Trading Credit**

The trading credit, a cornerstone of the promotion, remains valid for a six-month period, starting from the day it is credited. Nevertheless, two critical conditions are applicable:

– The promotion participant’s account must remain active during the entire six-month validity period. Inactivity exceeding 30 consecutive days within this time frame will lead to the cancellation of the credited amount.
– Submission of a withdrawal request by the participant automatically triggers the cancellation of the Trading credit.

**Withdrawal Requirements**

Withdrawing profits garnered through the promotion entails meeting specific criteria. Participants can only withdraw profits if they reach a minimum threshold of $60 or higher. Additionally, the account must fulfill predefined trading benchmarks, such as closing a minimum of one lot and executing a minimum of 20 trades.

In scenarios where the account faces a stop-out event, the associated credit amount will be settled as per the stipulated terms.

**Account Limitations and Household Policy**

In line with the principle of equitable distribution, Windsor Brokers enforces a policy of providing only one “$30 Free Account” per individual within a household. This policy extends to family members as well, including siblings, spouses, ancestors, descendants, acquaintances, or any individuals sharing kinship or affiliation. Violation of this policy may prompt the Company to revoke the credit amount.

**Promotion Management and Cancellation**

While the “$30 Free Account Promotion” introduces a rewarding opportunity, Windsor Brokers retains the prerogative to manage and oversee the promotion’s execution. The Company reserves the right to cancel the promotion without prior notice, an action taken based on reasonable and necessary grounds.

**Data Processing and Consent**

By participating in the “$30 Free Account Promotion,” participants implicitly grant consent for Windsor Brokers to process the personal information they provide during registration and participation. This consent streamlines the administration of the promotion. However, participants maintain the right to withdraw their consent, a choice that could impact their eligibility to continue participating.

**Documentation and Compliance**

In the spirit of transparency and integrity, Windsor Brokers may request additional documentation from participants. This documentation may be requested before or during the promotion period. Participants are obligated to furnish the requested documents, failing which their participation in the “$30 Free Account Promotion” may be suspended or terminated.

**Disqualification for Incorrect Details**

Preserving the integrity of the promotion is paramount. Participants found to have submitted incorrect or fraudulent details during the account opening or OTP (One-Time Password) processes will be disqualified from participating in the “$30 Free Account Promotion.”

**Mobile Number Verification**

The verification of mobile numbers plays a pivotal role in verifying participants’ identities. Failure to verify a mobile number listed at the time of a withdrawal request may lead to the cancellation of generated profits or rejection of withdrawal requests.

**Consequences of Non-Compliance**

Staying aligned with the promotion’s terms is integral to sustaining the associated benefits. Failure to comply with the specified terms and conditions, including Windsor Brokers’ general trading terms, could result in the immediate cancellation of illicit profits and the credited trading credit.

**Liability and Trading Credit Consequences**

Participants should grasp the potential consequences of non-compliance. Windsor Brokers absolves itself of responsibility for any outcomes arising from the cancellation or declination of trading credit. This includes scenarios like order closure due to a Stop Out event.

**Exclusions from the Promotion**

Prospective participants must take note of the list of excluded countries. This list encompasses Russia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Palestine, Tanzania, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Moldova, India, Philippines, Nigeria, Morocco, Afghanistan, Botswana, Iraq, Namibia, South Africa, Uzbekistan, and Zambia.

**Customer Support and Queries**

For participants seeking further clarity or information about the “$30 Free Account Promotion,” Windsor Brokers’ Customer Support team stands ready to assist. Queries can be directed to [email protected], ensuring a seamless and informed experience.

**Terms and Conditions Revisions**

Windsor Brokers retains the right to modify the terms and conditions of the “$30 Free Account Promotion” at its discretion and without prior notice. To stay informed about any changes, participants are advised to regularly consult the Company’s website.

**Precedence of English Version**

In cases where discrepancies or inconsistencies between translations arise, the English version of the terms and conditions shall take precedence. This ensures uniformity and clarity in understanding the promotion’s terms.

**Risk Warning**

Before embarking on any trading endeavors, participants should be well-versed in the potential risks involved. Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are complex financial instruments that carry substantial risk. Leveraged trading can result in swift capital loss. Individuals should evaluate their comprehension of CFDs, align their investment goals, assess their experience level, evaluate risk appetite, and seek guidance from independent financial advisors if necessary.

**Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)**

**Q1:** Who is eligible for the “$30 Free Account Promotion”?
**A:** The promotion is open to new live account holders of Prime Accounts denominated in US$, EUR €, GBP £, or JPY ¥. Existing account holders are not eligible.

**Q2:** Can I withdraw profits from the “$30 Free Account”?
**A:** Yes, you can withdraw profits if they exceed $60 and specific trading thresholds are met.

**Q3:** What happens if I provide incorrect details?
**A:** Providing incorrect or fraudulent details during account opening or OTP processes will result in disqualification from the promotion.

**Q4:** Can I have multiple accounts within the same household?
**A:** No, only one “$30 Free Account” is allowed per household, and this policy extends to family members as well.

**Q5:** What if the promotion is canceled?
**A:** Windsor Brokers reserves the right to cancel the promotion at its discretion.

If canceled, promotion benefits will cease.

**Q6:** How can I get in touch with customer support?
**A:** For inquiries and clarifications regarding the promotion, reach out to Customer Support at [email protected].


The “$30 Free Account Promotion” by Windsor Brokers extends an invitation to prime trading opportunities for new live account holders. By grasping the eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, and the intricacies of trading credit usage, participants can embark on their trading journey equipped with insights. Responsible decision-making and adherence to terms are pivotal for unlocking the full potential of this promotion.


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