Binary Options Demo Contests

Broker NameRegulationAccount CurrencyNo Deposit BonusFirst Deposit BonusOther Bonuses
AyrexNot RegulatedEUR, USDYESYESDeposit Bonus, Extra chance bonus, Turnover bonus
BinarycentNot RegulatedUSDNOYES 
BinarymateNot RegulatedEUR, GBP, USDNOYES 
BinatexNot RegulatedUSDNOYES 
BinomoOther RegulationEUR, USDYESYES 
CloseOptionNot RegulatedUSDYESYES 
FinrallyNot RegulatedEUR, USDNOYES 
HIROSE Financial UK Ltd-LION Binary OptionFCA – United KingdomGBP, USDYESYES50% Deposit bonus every month!, Signal Package Campaign
Imarkets360.comOther RegulationEUR, GBP, USDYESYESEarn points as you trade and swap them for gadgets and gifts in our points store.
Olymp TradeOther RegulationUSDYESYES 
Option500Not RegulatedEUR, USDYESYES 
OptionfieldNot RegulatedUSDYESYES 
Pocket OptionOther RegulationUSDYESYES 
RaceoptionNot RegulatedUSDNOYES