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FairMarkets International $100 Forex No Deposit Bonus

**Introduction to FairMarkets International**

FairMarkets International, an authorized and regulated company under the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC), proudly presents the LEARN & EARN program. As a platform that upholds the highest standards in financial services, FairMarkets International is committed to empowering its clients through innovative offerings. This comprehensive guide unveils the intricacies of the LEARN & EARN program, its eligibility criteria, mechanisms, restrictions, and the path to maximizing its benefits.

**Company Information and Contact Details**

FairMarkets International, operating under the trademark “FairMarkets,” operates under the authorization and regulation of the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC). Holding Global Business License No: GB210226295, the company is headquartered at The Cyberati Lounge, Ground Floor, Silicon Avenue, 40 Cybercity, 72201, Ebene, Republic of Mauritius. To learn more, visit the official website

**Eligibility and Participants**

The LEARN & EARN program offers an exclusive opportunity to FairMarkets International clients, fostering a dynamic learning and earning environment. However, it’s important to note that Introducing Brokers (IB) are excluded from participation in this program.

**Eligibility Criteria**

To ensure a seamless experience and maintain the program’s integrity, specific eligibility criteria have been established:

– Applicants must be at least 18 years old, adhering to the general Terms of Business and Terms and Conditions.
– All FairMarkets clients complying with the Terms and Conditions are eligible to apply.
– Clients previously disqualified from the offer cannot reapply.
– Clients unable to successfully complete the KYC process are ineligible for bonuses.

**Restrictions and Exclusions**

FairMarkets International takes measures to ensure a fair and transparent program:

– FairMarkets International staff members and their relatives are prohibited from participating.
– The program is limited to one offer per household and individual.
– Those receiving LP service, citizens of the Republic of Mauritius, and permanent residents are ineligible.
– Detected abuse of program terms may lead to termination of services.

**Mechanism of the Promotion**

Understanding the mechanics of the LEARN & EARN program is pivotal:

– A minimum profit of $100 is required for withdrawal.
– Leverage is set at 1:100 for the Learn&Earn account.
– A 30-day waiting period for withdrawals starts from registration.
– Minimum success rate must be at least 70% to claim the specified bonus.
– Maximum earnings of $100 can be obtained upon completing the quiz.
– The credit bonus remains valid for one month after claiming.
– Participation in this program doesn’t preclude involvement in other bonus programs.
– Illegally bulk registered accounts and sub-accounts are ineligible.
– Losable bonus can be claimed once.
– Credited bonus cannot be withdrawn, but generated profit can be transferred.
– FairMarkets automatically opens a new account after quiz completion.
– The automatically created account type is Standard Fixed and cannot be changed.
– Automatic account can’t be used for deposits or withdrawals.
– Losable bonus rewards are distributed within 48 hours to qualified learners.

**Termination of the Promotion**

FairMarkets International maintains the right to manage and conclude the program:

– FairMarkets may terminate the activity without prior notice.
– Abuse of program terms may lead to termination of client access.
– Terms and conditions may be modified at FairMarkets’ discretion.

**Additional Terms and Interpretation**

FairMarkets International enforces additional terms:

– Accounts are solely for registrants’ use.
– FairMarkets reserves the right to suspend, freeze, or cancel accounts.
– FairMarkets may modify terms at its discretion.
– Final interpretation of the activity lies with FairMarkets.
– In case of discrepancies, the English version prevails.

**Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)**

**Q1:** Who can participate in the LEARN & EARN program?
**A:** FairMarkets International clients are eligible, while Introducing Brokers (IB) are excluded.

**Q2:** What are the eligibility criteria?
**A:** Applicants must be 18 or above, adhere to terms, and complete the KYC process.

**Q3:** Can program participants be staff members or their relatives?
**A:** No, FairMarkets staff and relatives cannot participate.

**Q4:** What’s the maximum bonus amount?
**A:** Participants can earn a maximum of $100 after completing the quiz.

**Q5:** Can the credited bonus be withdrawn?
**A:** No, the credited bonus itself cannot be withdrawn, but the generated profit can be transferred.


FairMarkets International’s LEARN & EARN program is a gateway to education and earning potential. By comprehending the eligibility criteria, program mechanisms, and restrictions, participants can harness the benefits offered by this innovative program. Through transparency and adherence to the outlined terms, traders can embark on a journey of learning and earning with FairMarkets International.


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