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Financial AstrologyStalemate in DC: GOP fails to confirm McCarthy as Speaker

Stalemate in DC: GOP fails to confirm McCarthy as Speaker

(4 January 2023)  Some surprising political drama is
unfolding in Washington, DC this week as the US House of Representatives
has yet to elect a Speaker.   Normally, this occurs on January 3rd when
the winning party votes its Majority Leader to become Speaker and
thereby becomes third in line to the presidency according to the US
Constitution.  Although the Republicans won the most seats in the
midterm elections, their party cannot settle on who should be the next
Speaker of the House.

Kevin McCarthy is Majority Leader and was widely expected to win the
largely procedural vote.   But the conservative wing in the GOP, the
Freedom Caucus, has refused to join the rest of their fellow party
members in supporting McCarthy, deeming him too moderate.  Thus far,
McCarthy has lost all six ballots over the past two days and remains
about 10 votes short of the necessary 218 to secure the Speaker’s
chair.  Negotiations are ongoing to break the unprecedented stalemate
with various compromises suggested such as veteran GOP Congressman Steve
Scalise, or even a possible unity Speaker who would draw support from
both parties.

Since we don’t know McCarthy’s birth time, any observations I might
have are very much of the “back-of-the-envelope” variety which may well
turn out to be wrong. Since we don’t know the time of the birth, we
don’t know his Ascendant and hence none of the house placements or house
rulerships of any of his planets.  And therefore we also don’t know his
current major or minor dasha periods either, although it is likely the
Saturn major dasha.

But we do know that his Scorpio Moon is his Chandra Lagna and it is
currently receiving the helpful aspect from Jupiter in sidereal Pisces. 
This is definitely a positive astrological asset for anyone to have
when in consideration for a new job.  But the current state of
uncertainty may be due to the Saturn (28 Capricorn) alignment with his
natal Rahu (28 Taurus).  Close Saturn-Rahu aspects can coincide with
situations where structures and traditions (Saturn) are called into
question and authority is undermined (Rahu).

However, there are some favourable transits coming up for McCarthy
over the weekend.  The Sun will conjoin his natal Venus (24 Sagittarius)
on Sunday at the same time that Venus will conjoin his natal Sun (13
Capricorn).  These are both positive influences that suggest some kind
of significant relief and perhaps even joy, although I wonder what other
scenarios could emerge whereby McCarthy is happy given these Sun and
Venus transits but he doesn’t become Speaker.  Well, DC politics is hard
to figure at the best of times so perhaps even if some other GOP
establishment candidate is found like Scalise, McCarthy could still
exercise considerable influence over him.  And yet if McCarthy loses the
Speaker’s chair it would represent a huge defeat for him.  I’m not sure
the planets are sufficiently negative in the coming days for that kind
of starkly negative outcome.  And if he can hold on until the weekend,
then his chances would improve somewhat.

But if the Speaker is decided this week, then maybe McCarthy is more
likely to lose. Scalise’s chart actually looks fairly good for early
January, although it is also lacking a time of birth. Given the
uncertainty in the birth data, I wouldn’t be surprised by any outcome in
this stalemate.  But I would be less surprised if McCarthy is
eventually named Speaker.

Weekly Market Forecast

US stocks have been mixed to start the New Year, although they closed
higher today.  The gains were not unexpected given some of the positive
transits such as the Venus-Jupiter alignment.

We can also spot some lesser bullish transits which could boost
sentiment for a while longer here.  These are four-planet alignments
based on angular separations involving benefics such as Jupiter.  So
besides today’s Venus-Jupiter 90 degree alignment, there was also
Mercury-Venus alignment (=11 degrees) which closely matched the current
angular separation of Jupiter and Chiron (=10 degrees).  While these are
not full-strength aspects, they nonetheless form a part of the overall
planetary puzzle.

Further upside is also not impossible in the coming days since
tomorrow’s Mercury-Pluto separation (= 9 degrees) will equal the
Jupiter-Neptune separation.  The likelihood of further gains may also be
seen in the fact that the Jupiter-Neptune separation (=9/10 degrees)
will equal that of Jupiter-Chiron next week.  While this doesn’t
guarantee further gains, it nonetheless could stave off the worst
effects of the Saturn-Neptune alignment that is exact this coming Friday
(Jan 6). This 9/10 degree separation will be replicated by other pairs
of faster-moving planets next week, e.g. Monday’s Sun-Pluto pairing.

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