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Financial AstrologyNew Moon in Virgo, 2023 ~ Financial and Mundane Astrology

New Moon in Virgo, 2023 ~ Financial and Mundane Astrology

 Between September 15 – October 14, 2023

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The New Moon in Virgo falls, for Israel, in the 11th house, of friends and big enterprises, or in Mundane charts, the house of the Knesset. Virgo is a very ” criticizing” sign, so we will see this in the coalition and in between parties. Important moves during this Lunar month, is Mercury being just now stationary, before it turns Direct, but it will still remain in its “shadow period till the end of Sept. (see former post). More important is Pluto! turns also Direct on 10/13, and thus, entering Israel’s 4th house, so major reset is expected while here…The so called “personal planets”: Venus leaves proud fire Leo and enters criticizing Earth Virgo; Mars will leave Libra (where it is in Detriment) and enter Scorpio on 10/12, a sign it rules, the rest move 1-2 degrees only, in retro. 

Here is the aspects table: 

Begin: 16.09.2023  Period: 1 month  (GMT+3)

                               Aspect Exact

Venus 90 Jupiter 17.09.2023  9:10 No trade in Israel due to Rosh Hashana

Sun  150 Eris   18.09.2023  6:45

Sun    30 S.Node 18.09.2023  8:03

Sun  150 Node    18.09.2023  8:03

Sun  180 Neptune 19.09.2023 14:17

Mars 150 Jupiter   20.09.2023  1:48

Venus 165 Saturn  20.09.2023 23:29

Mercury 135 Eris   20.09.2023 23:56

Mercury 45 S.Node 21.09.2023  4:18

Mercury 135 Node   21.09.2023  4:18

Sun  120 Pluto  21.09.2023  8:21

Jupiter 160 S.Node 21.09.2023 10:50

Sun P^  Eris 21.09.2023 15:05

Sept 22: Gann CIT day

Mercury165 Neptune  22.09.2023 10:07 Friday ( no trade here )

Mars  144 Uranus 22.09.2023 13:42 

Mars  135 Saturn  22.09.2023 18:23

Sun    135 Jupiter  23.09.2023  9:48 Saturday (no trade)

Venus 120 Chiron  23.09.2023 11:17

Mercury 135 Pluto  24.09.2023  2:16  Yom Kippur eve

Mars  180 Chiron  24.09.2023 23:06   ”  no trade

Sun  P   Eris   25.09.2023  5:18

Sun 150 Saturn  25.09.2023  6:10

Mercury 120 Jupiter 25.09.2023 15:10

Mercury P^  Mars  25.09.2023 22:49

Venus 144 Neptune 26.09.2023  2:02

Sun    165 Chiron 26.09.2023 19:31

Mercury  165 Saturn 26.09.2023 23:41

Mercury 150 Chiron  28.09.2023  1:30

Venus  90 Uranus  29.09.2023 20:52 ( Sukkoth Eve )

Mercury 30 Mars 30.09.2023 11:35  Saturday no trade

Sun P   Neptune 30.09.2023 12:55

Mercury  120 Uranus 30.09.2023 19:55


Disharmonious Fixed stars in ♎are between 10-15 degrees; 

Midpoints I would pay attention to are: 

Major CIT days: example for the S&P: Sept 21 (120 d from 5/24 low) Sept.22 ( 144 days from 1/5/2023 top)

Surely, each index has it’s own rhythm.

Important ingresses in the Helio centric sky: 

15.09.2023 17:24:28 > Tau Mercury

20.09.2023 18:38:30 > Gem Mercury

23.09.2023 2:49:50 > Ari Earth

25.09.2023 13:04:06 > Cnc Mercury

26.09.2023 1:02:37 > Tau Venus

26.09.2023 23:32:00 > Sco Mars

28.09.2023    4:04   4Ari37  359923.617 perigee Moon

30.09.2023 11:06:17 > Leo Mercury

6.10.2023 0:10:48 > Vir Mercury

12.10.2023 17:24:39 > Lib Mercury

14.10.2023 18:26:11 > Gem Venus


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September 23, 2023 Sunday 

Today the Sun moved into Libra, signaling the Autumn equinox. The most important aspect is the inconjunct, or 150* aspect to Saturn, which means delays, restrictions.. 

Note: Zet already features the upcoming Solar eclipse, about what I wrote in my previous post. the eclipse will occur at 21 Libra; so whenever a transiting planet will make an aspect to it, it will be important..

Here is clearer chart: Geo and Helio together.. It is always important to look at both. 

In the Helio sky we can see a Grand cross, but it includes the Asc and the MC, so it will disappear in a few minutes.. what is more important, are the hard aspects between the planets, that give a “push” to events in general and in the markets in particular. During the weekend I had no internet, so I re read Ebertine’s fascinating book ” transits , using the 45 degrees” It is not available any more on Amazon… but if you can find it, it’s a new, higher level of forecasting..So I ran TS, to find these aspects.. 

October, NY time Hard aspects in Helio

Back to Ebertine: he talks about using the 45* Ephemeris: so here it is for the next 4 months :GEO: ( I posted this in my Telegram group yesterday.. )

He writes, that the 45 and 135* are important; they stir up events.. of course, depending on each and everyones natal chart.. so, watch those aspects in the above calendars… 

This is the yearly chart: planets that “go down” are in Direct motion, while the ones up are in Retro- so you can see Saturn, for ex. turning up in June till late Oct, and then down. 

Let me check this theory for the BTC, that only trades now, being a Sunday.. 

The BTC bottomed on Sept 11; when in the Helio sky Mercury 0 Venus ; 10 days later, 9/20 topped when Earth was 150* to Mars; now it trades below 27000- that is stop ; for short.
AstraZeneca: isn’t this funny?? Last alert for it was on 11/15 = 3042- since then it was a long.. it bottomed in May, so taking that low and double the price gives up 493 price = days; when it topped so far.. Stop now = 4587; long if above.

Geo and Helio asp. for the week NY time

Some thoughts about Midpoints: you see, Aug 18 was a low: Saturn blocked further fall- since it was at Jup/Mars MP on the dial chart..

Sept 15 was a top: when Jupiter arrived to Saturn/Pluto MP 

This position will return on 9/26, since Jup is in Retro… next important day will be Jan 16, 2024, then Jup will be at Mars/Saturn MP

I can go on and on.. there are hundreds of thousands of important positions.. lol 

OK off to Pilates. 

Be good not only on Yom Kippur, but all the year. !! 

For the Nifty NSEI, opens tomorrow: we are short below 19722- target 19473- 437.

September 22.,2023 Friday

I posted yesterday, targets for the S&P, all were reached.. So far low is 4366l Now the stop should be 4394; and next short targets? 4360-42-26. 

Yesterday I was not here, a few countries announced their interest rates.. 

I posted the SMI on 9/18; in spite of the good news, I don’t see a rally ! Stop stays!

UK FTSE: made low on 8/18; + 27 days topped, then triple topped and fell. Now at 7721; it will be a short if below 7700; Next CIT: 10/2

All shares/indices that bottomed on 8/18 will have a CIT on 9/26!!

Bovespa Brazil: it is on the brink to break a support !! see the graph.. counting from the top 7/25- today is 49 days!! so watch your steps, tighten stops.. 

Let’s see where are the planets? and if there are any announcements? 

Sun still trines Pluto, Mercury still 165*Neptune, Mars 135* Saturn, all disharmonious..

The Moon: 

22.09.2023 16:37:00 26°11’10″Sgr Square Neptune

22.09.2023 22:31:38 29°32’22″Sgr Square Sun

22.09.2023 23:20:11  0°00’00″Cap <<< after the close in the USA

23.09.2023  2:43:57  1°56’20″Cap Sextile Saturn – no trade

25.09.2023  2:29:19  0°00’00″Aqr <<< Monday – no trade here due to Yom Kippur

25.09.2023  5:26:07  1°46’42″Aqr Trine Sun

26.09.2023  2:48:50 14°49’15″Aqr Square Jupiter

26.09.2023 10:12:25 19°22’53″Aqr Trine Mars 

26.09.2023 11:46:59 20°21’24″Aqr Opposition Venus

26.09.2023 15:38:23 22°44’47″Aqr Square Uranus

By the time our pond opens, the Moon will be at 19Aqua! Dont’ forget, when in Aqua, S&P makes a top/bottom! 

The Sun will be at 2 Libra.. the sigh of balance, justice and harmony…but, there will be a lot of difficult aspects and conjunctions with Fixed stars.. to show you just a few..Pls.sign up to my course, if you want to understand what I am talking about.. 

So, based on these, if TA35: closed at 1860

the trade range will be between 1831-62.

For the Nifty, that many followers trade, the stop for intra day is 19730 and long above ; up targets: 19800-870..
In the Helio chart Venus moves into Taurus, a sign it rules..I’m running now TS to see how this position effected the markets… will be back after Pilates.. see you

Outcome for the Dow: 4 X  = doesn’t work

For the S& and Nasdaq it works better, but I am still not satisfied with the outcome.. 

September 21, 2023 Thursday 

Yesterday, the FED froze the interest rates, but the markets fell. 

and kept falling till the close 

so, now we have a low (in the S&P ) on 8/18 and a top on 9/15; note the fall started under a Moon in Sag.! Now it is at 4434, short targets ? 4394-75. 

Today is Gann turning day too! 

Important aspects in the sky : Moon 165*Uranus ( look out for gaps), Mercury 165* Uranus, Venus 165* Saturn, Mars 150* Jupiter, and Sun 180* Neptune. all disharmonious aspects..

It’s already 8:30 and I will be away today , so take the previous 3rd top candle in the 60 min, and be short below.it. 

September 20, 2023 Wednesday 

It is a day ruled by Mercury and Mars. Mercury is 135* to the NN. Mars is 150* to Jupiter ( happens twice a year.. But, what is more important, the Moon will be OOB for the next 3-4 days, and the Fed is about to announce the interest rate, which I think it will be raised. 

previously, this year, the int. rates were raised on a day when one of the planets was OOB. 

TSLA: corrected a bit the fall, but, the gap is still there, so I would be still short below 268   

Asia: except for Pakistan, all indices are in red. The Nifty and Bank India fell with a gap today..After a 15 days’ rally, high time for a correction. If the correction is only 50% or 38.2% from the last rally, it’s only a small correction… a bigger one would be to 0,786%..but, we are now short below 9/15 tops- in the daily, or of you trade the intraday.. the stop is tighter.. Please sign up for the forecasts… to know how to trade the last 3 months.. 

Nikkei future: short below 33140


MIB Italy is a short below 28930 

My target for the Oil was 93- it topped a few cents lower, and fell yesterday; now it is correcting the rise from 9/7

OK.. It is 8:33 already, so let me see what’s going on for TA35: closed at 1839, it has been consolidating since 8/17; between 1820-62; now we have a minor negative arbitrage, and looking at the planets, the trade range is between 1845 – 1839- 1832- if below, then 1828-26-22. Today, or right now, we have a trine between Sun-Pluto +Sun squares the GC; and is in opposition Neptune.

the volume is ridiculous !! divide that by 3.80 to the dollar, and see what a small index it is, and how it is possible to maneuver it with no money.. The average volume  in 2023 is 250Million USD



S&P future: 


Russia calls for halt to fighting between Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh

US and France also condemn Azerbaijan’s military operation against separatists in Armenian-controlled Nagorno-Karabakh.
20 Sep 2023
Russia has called for an immediate halt to the
fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh, where Azerbaijan has launched a military operation against separatist forces after months of rising tensions.
Dozens have been reported killed and more than 200 wounded in the fighting which broke out on Tuesday when Azerbaijan sent troops backed by artillery against separatists in the Armenian-controlled Nagorno-Karabakh region in the South Caucasus.

September 19,2023 Tuesday

Update for TSLA, after Netanyahu’s visit: who cannot stop talking about AI AI aiaiai…

I sent a tweet to Elon Musk, asking, if his time of birth is correct, trying to make a synastry with BiBi… but, no answer came. The birth time, 7:30 am, that is surfacing now is rated B on astro.com.  well, .. that gives Elon a Cancer rising ( which gives him a round- Moon face) , and Mercury on the Asc. conjunct the fortunate fixed star Sirius.. His date 28.6.1971 adds up to 7; ruled by Neptune, which is at 0 Sag. in R.. this gives him a boundless imagination.. Neptune conjunct Jupiter too! He has 10 children, from 3 wives, I think.. so that’s under Jupiter in H5…When asked by Erdogan, he said he lives separately from his wife now.. HIs 7th house of partnership is under Saturn and this is in Gemini, showing multiple relationships..They say he is unpredictable and eccentric, well, that’ s Uranus at 9* Libra..He was born under a partial solar eclipse, which is triggered now by tr. Pluto in opposition. Known and unknown enemies is under H7 ( Capricorn/ Saturn = government, and we know that a black cat walked between him and Biden. also H12, ruled by Mercury… hmmm…he should watch out from people with a prominent Mercury..

Rumor says he intends to open an EV car factory in Saudia..Mohammed Bin Salman born August 1, 1985 said He said his “war” was restoring the Middle East to its past glory. “I believe the new Europe is the Middle East,” Prince Mohammed said. “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in five years will be completely different.”
The crown prince is driving Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan for economic and social reforms. “If we succeed in the coming five years, other countries will join us,” he said. “Even Qatar, despite our differences with it, has a strong economy and it will be completely different in five years.” And looking at his chart, with Jupiter in Aquarius, he can do it too. Pity I don’t have his hour of birth… but in 5 years Sec.Prog. Jupiter will be already direct, conjunct natal Jupiter!! 

Bin Salman solar chart with Secondary progression for 2030


It’s already 9 am, this is in the news: 
More than 100 Chinese warplanes a
nd nine navy ships spotted around Taiwan
Taiwan told China on Monday to stop its “destructive unilateral actions” after more than 100 Chinese warplanes and nine navy ships were detected in areas around the self-ruled island.
Issued on: 18/09/2023 – 06:53Modified: 18/09/2023 – 08:12

In my previous article I wrote about the 165^ or the Quindecile… now we have it between Venus/Saturn!! it’s a negative aspect.. but read about it again in 9/13 post!!
Nifty now: 

Some thoughts about USD/INR: posted in my TG group: 



I wrote in my Hebrew astrology group, that the reason to meet Elon Musk was to ask for gifts, to find a new sugar daddy… .. now it turned out, they asked for 4 cars!! nothing less…  What a shame !!

Crude oil: stop = 91 – target 93

September 18, 2023 Monday

It is now 8:10 am, Asia already trades..China50 and the Nikkei are green , the rest are red.

Here are the aspects’ table for the next 3 days, without the Moon: 

Actual aspects

Begin: 18.09.2023  Period: 3 days  (GMT+3)

                                                    Aspect Exact

Sun 24Vir59 150 Eris 24Ari59  18.09.2023  6:45

Sun 25Vir02 150 Node  25Ari02  18.09.2023  8:03

Sun 26Vir16 180 Neptune  26Psc16  19.09.2023 14:17

Mars 15Lib11 150 Jupiter  15Tau11  20.09.2023  1:48

Venus 17Leo04 165 Saturn   2Psc04  20.09.2023 23:29

Mercury 9Vir58 135 Eris  24Ari58  20.09.2023 23:56


on Sept.20th the Sun ( at 26-27 Virgo)  will conjunct the disharmonious fixed star Alkaid.. so, I  think , that will bring more moves to the downside. 


SMI20: the trade range is in this triangle: long only if above 11220 

OBX25 Norway: is the best index in the Scandinavian countries.. see my former article.. Now it trades at 1211: we are short below 1215; targeting 1208 and lower. 


Main aspect of the day is the square between Venus-Jupiter, calculations are based on them. 
TSLA: I just looked at it, because of Bibi meets Musk today.. not relevant to the price, but I found this : 

September 17,2023 Sunday

I read about the United Auto Workers (UAW) strike,  that started on Sept 15th.. I looked at a few charts, here are my thoughts.. 

Inner date is when the American Fed. of labor chartered officially the UAW. (thanks to Sherri for posting this, in a group ). Time unknown, so I put noon. 

The outer chart is when the strike started, and it is unbelievable how the planets just “clicked ” for this event.. Pluto, now in Sept 2023 is in Retro in Cap. will go back and forth at these last degrees till Oct. 2025, only then it will be in Aquarius and will net return to Capricorn… Pluto brings destruction and rebuilds later.. I am not saying this strike will last till 2025!! so let’s go on, UAW natal has Jupiter conjunct Mars in Scorpio and now, the strike Jupiter is exactly in opposition and in Retro.. so THIS! can point to a long dispute… Furthermore, tr. Saturn(gov) is in opposition natal Sun – the leaders of UAW, Saturn too is in Retro, turns Direct only on Nov 5, it went retro on 7 Pisces, so till Feb 5th 2024 it will be bin it’s “shadow” period… Oh my.. will the strike be that long?? Let me see if Venus can help? In the natal chart  is in R at 21 Virgo, and gets a trine from tr. Uranus at the killer degree 22 Taurus..Uranus turns Direct on Jan 21, 2024 only.. so not much help from it either.. Ruler of the chart is Mercury, and tr Venus will be conjunct on Oct. 27th.. that might bring some light.. Mercury, that brings agreements, will conjunct natal Mercury on Sept. 27th .. so these are the closest dates I can come up with to end the strike. 

Let’s see how will the involved shares be affected ? 

Ford: hasn’t been doing well since 1999 !! !

GM: HAS BEEN FALLING SINCE 6/2022; now, stop – 35 target is $20; falling out of the triangle.

Looking for more info: I  found this on X ( Twitter) by the way I hate the new symbol ~black X~

Can anyone compete with China? They manufacture now in Algeria.. cheap and fast.. 

Electric cars.. I wouldn’t buy… the battery dies fast and what if you don’t find where to fill it? Maybe I’m wrong.. I don’t know.. in any case, Lithium should rise, if more and more EV cars are made. 

in 1 day: 

Year today: 


I started with the strike and I wondered out to this.. 

Only BTC: trades now, and there is a lot of nervousness… our stop was 26000; now it should go to 27470. 


we have no trade today, so I had time to clean up after yesterday’s dinner, and do all kind of chores, I usually don’t.. on Sundays.. 

Monday .. a.. I already wrote about what happen Monday. 

So have a nice weekend.. 

September 16, 2023 Saturday

As you could see from the dates and aspects posted above, for us, there aren’t many days to trade left in September..

Yesterday, on the day the Moon occulted Mars, ( see former article) the USA markets fell. I sent alerts to subscribers, so they could cash out or turn short. 

Now, TS shows, (looking back 26 years) that the S&P fell 20 times and rose 6) between 9/19-26) … of course we don’t trade statistics, but it sits in the back of my mind..if I am tempted to go long.. I would double check again. If 8/18 low breaks = double short. 

The dominant cycle is the opposition between Sun-Neptune.

For TA35: opening on Monday: under a -0.18% arbitrage, and Moon in Scorpio, if the close was 1844.66, we are short below 1845, target: 1838-35. 


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