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Financial AstrologyMarkets push higher ahead of ECB and Fed meetings

Markets push higher ahead of ECB and Fed meetings

 (20 July 2022)
Financial markets are still in rebound mode this week as investors
await the outcome of tomorrow’s ECB decision and next week’s FOMC
meeting on July 27.  Since the low of 3636 on the S&P 500 on June
17, stocks have been attempting to recoup some of their losses as
investors consider the possibility that inflation has peaked. 
Certainly, falling commodity prices are one reason to think that
inflation may be cooling off, and if that is the case, then the ECB may
only hike a minimum 25 basis points and the Fed may be satisfied with
just another 75 point hike. 

Regardless of the rate decisions, it remains to be seen if this is the
end of the correction or just a bear market rally that will ultimately
fail and lead to lower lows.  On the whole, the planetary influences do
not look overly positive for the coming months and suggest that lower
lows are very possible.   But could this current rebound last a while

We can look for clues in the horoscope of the NYSE (May 17, 1792).  As I
have noted previously, the decline since April has been closely
correlated with the 30-degree alignment of Saturn and Neptune.  The
influence of this alignment was exceptionally strong since 1) Saturn
stationed retrograde in early June and 2) it also formed a larger
midpoint-based alignment with Uranus and Chiron.  Since the angular
separation of Saturn and Neptune as well as Uranus and Chiron is
approximately 30 degrees, their negative impact has lasted for an
unusually long time.  As a rule, any alignment involving Saturn is a
negative influence on sentiment and its effects can be magnified if
slower moving planets are involved as is the case here. 

We can see an additional source of a pessimism since Saturn (29
Capricorn) forms a close 60 degree aspect with the natal Moon (28
Pisces).  This Saturn-Moon aspect will be exact on August 8 although it
is already within effective range and may only require a faster-moving
planet to act as catalyst.

And yet even though the bearish Saturn alignment remains within range
both by transit and natally, we still are in the midst of a sizable
rebound.  Why?  One reason is that bullish Jupiter has become stronger
in July ahead of its retrograde station on July 28.  Markets tend to do
well when Jupiter is strong, either when it is aspecting other planets
and/or if its velocity is low.  Planetary velocity is much lower
during the period around the direct and retrograde stations and thus we
should not be surprised to see some upside here as Jupiter slows down
before turning retrograde. 

The other factor I would note here is that Jupiter (14 Pisces) forms a
kind of hidden alignment with Uranus (24 Aries).  While Jupiter does not
form a conventional Vedic aspect with Uranus, it is conjunct in the
navamsa, 9th divisional chart.  This is the same thing as forming a 40
degree aspect in the rasi natal chart (360/9 = 40).   The 40-degree
aspect is also a divisor of the circle and thus should be taken
seriously as a possible angle of resonance between planets.  It is also
broadly bullish that Jupiter forms similar navamsa-type alignments with
Uranus (24 Cancer) and Chiron (24 Gemini) in the NYSE chart.

It is therefore possible that markets can avoid another decline at least
until the Jupiter retrograde station on July 28 — just one day after
the FOMC meeting.  In this scenario, the positive Jupiter influence
could largely offset the underlying negative influence of the
Saturn-Neptune-Uranus-Chiron alignment. Once Jupiter begins to move
backwards, however, it could shift the balance of planetary energies and
give bears the edge once again.

More immediately, I do wonder about the rest of this week.  Tomorrow’s
Moon-Mars conjunction doesn’t seem very positive although the
Mercury-Venus alignment seems more bullish.  By itself,  the
Mercury-Venus alignment could coincide with some upside since both
planets are benefic by nature, and that could well be the case later
this week. 

However, I would note that Mercury and Venus will be separated by 30
degrees on Thursday and 31 degrees on Friday.  This is close enough
that it could set up a negative resonance with the Saturn-Neptune
alignment (= 32 degrees) which could bring further weakness.   Market
direction is therefore somewhat uncertain, although the closeness of
the alignments suggests a large move is more likely.  Some increased
volatility is more likely early next week ahead of the Fed meeting as
Mercury squares Mars.

For more details, check out my weekly subscriber newsletter which
is published every Saturday afternoon (EST).   In addition to
reviewing the key planetary and technical influences on US and Indian
stocks for the short and medium term, I also provide an astrological
analysis of potential upcoming moves in currencies, gold and oil.


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