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Swing TradingUnveiling the 20-Day EMA Shakeout Entry: A Strategic Approach to Profitable Trading

Unveiling the 20-Day EMA Shakeout Entry: A Strategic Approach to Profitable Trading

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Greetings, MTG Tribe! Rick Pedicelli here, ready to unravel the secrets behind another game-changing trading strategy – the 20-Day EMA Shakeout Entry. Today, we’ll delve into this tactical approach that turns pivotal market moments into opportunities for smart traders like you. I’ll walk you through the steps, share real-life examples, and offer a crucial tip to enhance your success with this strategy. Let’s dive in!

Unlocking the 20-Day EMA Shakeout Entry: A Roadmap to Success

Identifying the Uptrend

First things first, let’s identify a robust uptrend. Take a look at AMD in late December and early January – a prime example of a stock that bottomed out in 2023, formed a solid base, and broke out. Ensure all moving averages are in sync – 8 above 20, 20 above 50, and 50 above 200, indicating a robust uptrend.

Spotting the Shakeout

The intrigue begins with the shakeout. After a breakout, wait for a pullback that dips below the 20-Day EMA. Traders often use the 20-Day EMA as a selling guide, leading to a shakeout. We’re not talking about prolonged periods below the 20 – just a swift dip lasting one to three days. This sets the stage for the shakeout entry.

Understanding the Recovery

Once the shakeout occurs, we wait for the price action to recover. Look for a close above the prior day’s high or a close back above the 20-Day EMA. AMD, for instance, reclaimed the 20-Day EMA on January 5th, presenting a potential buying opportunity.

Decoding the Pullback

Understanding the pullback is crucial. Typically ranging from 5% to 15%, sometimes up to 18% for more volatile stocks, it usually unfolds over three to seven days. This pullback often coincides with a broader market pullback, as seen with QQQ in correlation with AMD’s pullback.

Real-Life Examples: Applying the 20-Day EMA Shakeout Entry

Dive into AMD’s Setup

In late December, AMD showcased a robust uptrend, broke out, and then experienced a swift pullback below the 20-Day EMA, creating a shakeout. The recovery, marked by a close above the 20-Day EMA on January 5th, signaled a potential entry. This setup resulted in a solid 28% rally with an 8% stop.

PLTR’s Explosive Move

In May 2023, PLTR exhibited explosive price action. A 20% pullback swiftly followed, presenting a buying opportunity after the stock reclaimed the 20-Day EMA. With a 6% stop, the trade yielded a commendable 28% gain.

Transitioning with NOW

Transitioning from a downtrend to an uptrend, NOW displayed a classic head and shoulders pattern, signaling a strong breakout. The subsequent 7% pullback set the stage for a tight stop entry, resulting in an 11% move.

NET: Navigating NET’s Uptrend

In 2021, NET exemplified a strong uptrend. A 20% pullback below the 20-Day EMA provided a chance for traders to enter. A quick recovery and subsequent rally resulted in a profitable trade.

Essential Tip for Success: Focus on Strength and Volume

To maximize success with this strategy, focus on stocks that have broken out with strong volume. Look for impulsive moves up and a subsequent short-term pullback. The ideal scenario involves a 4-6 day pullback that scares off some traders.

Steps to the 20-Day EMA Shakeout Entry: Bullet Points

  1. Identify the robust uptrend in the stock.
  2. Looking for the shakeout.
  3. Observe the recovery phase – a close above the
    prior day’s high or back above the 20-Day EMA.
  4. Understand the pullback, typically ranging from 5%
    to 15%, occurring over three to seven days.

    Remember, knowledge is power in the trading world, and we’re here to arm you with it. Don’t be left in the dark; check out the video now.

In Conclusion: Your Path to Profitable Trading

In wrapping up, the 20-Day EMA Shakeout Entry is a powerful strategy allowing traders to capitalize on short-term pullbacks in a strong uptrend. Even if you miss the initial breakout, this setup offers a second chance to ride the momentum.

Remember to trade what you see, not what you think.

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