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Financial AstrologyNew Moon in Pisces, 2024 ~ Financial and Mundane astrology

New Moon in Pisces, 2024 ~ Financial and Mundane astrology

Malefic Fixed stars: 23 ♓ : Markab; 29 Pisces Scheat- till 9 Aries; 


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March 15, 2024 Friday

BTC: made the classic ” 3 fathers” pattern,,,, I mean triple top and fall; Since none of the targets given was reached yesterday, but after a perfect double top, ending in 8 ! hmmm Saturn) fell below the last low, which is now the stop for short; and the rat of the short targets are in red. It ranup for 9 days, prior Helio Mercury entering Gemini.. and now it is supposed to continue the downtrend for 7-9 days, which brings up to the Spring equinox. you had 2 stops to sell. If you believe the BTC will go to 150000, then forget it. Usually I like to trade the present than the unknown future. Or is it known ? 

The USA markets tried to correct up before the close..

note: here too the low price levels end with and 8; isn’t that an interesting ; eyebrow raising hmmm; on the graph you  can see the targets for long and short based on the previous day close

Yesterday, NY time: the Moon was conjunct Algol at the bottom 3:35 pm.. For the Fixed stars we usually use 1 deg. orb and look at the conjunctions.

What about the QQQ: 437 is the stop – and that gap is waiting to be closed ! 5 miin.chart.

Yesterday the real-estate group was the naughty one.. 

the biggest losers by volume: 


Here are the first 20 biggest companies: worth while trading… forget about shares that worth less than a few B.

Insiders selling: WMT; CERS, GPS,CMPS,TSLA; etc. 


AI related shares by volume: 

The other sector is the Semiconductors ( SPSEMIS; SOXX) .. I think these two are the future. 

SOXX: another hmmmm

So… what’s up for today? In my video; ” March 10-17″ I said, most of the week is ruled by Venus; Venus rules Copper.. Just check out what’s happening there ! 

We are long there with a stop at 4. Later or tomorrow maybe, I will record a new video for the next week. 


Today’s aspects GMT+2

Moon  120 Pluto  15.03.2024  8:00

Moon  45 Chiron 15.03.2024 10:31

Moon  90 Venus  15.03.2024 12:59

Moon 144 Ceres  15.03.2024 15:58 – grains..

Sun  72 Moon          15.03.2024 18:40

Moon 180 Pallas        15.03.2024 19:12

Node P   Juno          15.03.2024 20:49

Moon 72 Neptune       15.03.2024 21:43 —

Sun  165 Juno          15.03.2024 21:56



Sun           90 Moon          17.03.2024  6:11 – before markets open, but still valid

Moon          90 Neptune       17.03.2024  6:43

Moon         165 Ceres         17.03.2024  7:02

Moon          45 Jupiter       17.03.2024 10:25

Moon          30 Sedna         17.03.2024 10:53

Sun            0 Neptune       17.03.2024 13:22 – any blurry announcement?

Moon moves to Cancer 11:40 am

Moon         150 Pluto         17.03.2024 14:42

Mercury      P   Node          17.03.2024 16:44



TA35: For tomorrow ( 9:55 am) USA still asleep; if it closes green especially the Nasdaq; then 1880-84-87-91-96-up tp 1910 . If the close is in red again, then minus 30 points from the above. – to 1850 


Just mentioned the grains above.. interesting news – record supplies in corn pshhhh



No need to make that video… I checked, and till April the 5th, when Venus moves to ARIES, it will be the strongest planet in the sky- due to its  Pisces position. 


March 14, 2024 Thursday

Yesterday, as per the list of aspects given, look what happened in the ESM24: 

Meanwhile, the BTC: 5 min chart

The magnificent 7: 

Googl: higher lows 12/4-3.6; Stop is 138; target former top; at least 144; failing to reach it, short below
AMZN:, MSFT also higher lows since 1/4- 3/11
AAPL: also higher lows, but it’s the weakest.. Stop = 169
TSLA: is being hammered down… short below 172

NVDA: now at 902- 906-914 is target on the Gann wheel

News in the sky: 

Helio centric Mercury enters Gemini ( till March 19) after all markets close today, except for the cryptos. ..this adds to the volatility that we already have under Geocentric Mercury in Aries. From 0 ♊ it will trine Pluto+Mars+Venus. Also look at Jupiter and Uranus at the 22* deg!! 

On 3/20 Earth moves to Libra.- so a lot of changes coming up in the sky.. 

What do all these mean, practically, trade wise? high volatility, and keep a tight stop.


8:22 am 


Zuck/Meta is selling big time.. 

Let’s see what happens in the sky at that hour? 

March 13, 2024 Wednesday 

Today we are under Mercury’s and Venus effect. As we get closer to the eclipses, we must follow the aspects the planet make to them. So today Mercury is in opposition the upcoming Lunar eclipse, at 5 Libra. Mercury in Aries; makes no difference for many indices, but now, at 5 degrees, it also rules this no… and it is in Mars’ decanate too; so powerful volatility! 

In the Helio centric chart Mercury+Venus and Pluto are conjunct at 0 ♒; after researching when did this happen before, well, it didn’t since year 100- till now.. 

Venus starts its “exaltation ” period in Pisces.

Listen to this video, recorded yesterday for today’s events. I  speak in Hebrew, and You tube made an English subtitle, sometimes it’s misspelled, so sorry for that. I don’t know how to correct it. 

Yesterday the USA markets rallied: in spite of a higher CPI than before: 

Aspects for the next 3 days: 

Begin: 13.03.2024  Period: 3 days  (GMT+2)

                               Aspect Exact during trading hours

Venus P^  Pallas  13.03.2024  9:04

Mars P^  Jupiter   13.03.2024 11:33

Moon P^  Mars     13.03.2024 11:42

Moon  P   Jupiter  13.03.2024 11:42

Sun  P^  Mercury 13.03.2024 14:35

Moon 150 Pallas  13.03.2024 15:07

Moon 120 Juno    13.03.2024 21:02

Moon  60 Saturn  13.03.2024 21:30

Moon  P   Uranus 13.03.2024 21:36

Moon  120 Ceres 13.03.2024 21:40

The aspects of the Moon are for intraday trades only. the Major position that we still have in the sky is Jupiter 60^ Saturn a 11-13 degrees; so with some calculation, that I teach in my Financial Astrology course, we can see where are they supporting or blocking a trend. 

Major issue upcoming is Sun 0 Neptune in 4 days. 

Here are the monthly aspects with out the Moon and asteroids: 

Actual aspects

Begin: 13.03.2024  Period: 1 month  (GMT+2)

                               Aspect Exact

Mars  60 Eris  15.03.2024 23:59

Sun  0 Neptune  17.03.2024 13:22

Mercury  0 Node 19.03.2024  2:12

Sun 60 Sedna 19.03.2024 19:21

Mercury 0 Chiron  20.03.2024 19:27

Sun   60 Pluto  21.03.2024 22:03

Venus 0 Saturn 22.03.2024  1:09

Mars 90 Sedna 22.03.2024 13:59

Venus 60 Jupiter 24.03.2024 18:37

Mercury 0 Eris   26.03.2024 11:16

Venus  60 Uranus 28.03.2024 15:58

Venus  0 Neptune  3.04.2024 15:10

Sun  0 Node 5.04.2024  0:11

Venus 60 Sedna  5.04.2024  0:57

Venus 60 Pluto  6.04.2024 19:46

Sun 0 Chiron  8.04.2024 20:28

Mercury 0 Eris 8.04.2024 22:16

Mars 0 Saturn 10.04.2024 22:36

Sun  0 Mercury 12.04.2024  1:03


DOW: daily chart with Fibonacci targets 

and a closer look: 60 min

The future is at 39466

DIA: Made lower highs! stop is = 391– the support is at 387; so only felling below it, will mark a short. CIT: 3/15 = 21 DAYS FROM 2/23 TOP 


ESM24: Stop = 5242.50 – long if above. 

IXIC: Target 18220 by 3/20


BTC is at 72876; …10:40 now at 73350

Maybe the markets will rally till the halving,4/20 ?? Crazy.. At the halving the Miners get only 50%, so they want that 50% to be as high as possible. 









March 12 2024 Tuesday; 

Yesterday in the USA markets: 

It is 7:33 am and USA futures are all green 

What’s the fuss? Listen to my video at the bottom of this article – events in the sky for March 10-17; and let’s look at it now again: 

We have the Moon in Aries = energy; Mercury too; and that’s it.. Mercury is also in Mars’ decanate- so double push up.. Venus ( rules banks, forex) just moved to Pisces where it is exalted and it is also in Neptune’s decanate.. I would be careful trading banks.
On the other hand, in the Helio chart we have Venus+Mars+Pluto conjunct at 0 ♒.which could happen only 250 years ago.. not even then… I should check in TS events from year 1000.. to find a match.. well. maybe later. It’s time consuming, and not relevant to today.. It will take 4 hours to calculate this.. TS tells me. 

Announcements today: 

On March 8 I uploaded a chart for ESH24 ( S&P future, wrote target is 5230; seems it was reached. ( Topped 5257.25) now the stop is 5210 – long if above. 

NDVA: after market +1.43% – note.. yesterday too went up but before the opening it dropped. 
MSTR: after market is rising by 5.11%; for now.. 8:19 am

MSTR CEO is Michael Saylor, born on Feb 4, 1965 ( not a coincidence, that he is an Aquarius!! listen to his video, explaining why he buys BTC.. ) he borrows money to buy BTC..

Here is his Solar chart; shows a triangle in Earth signs, (analytical mind) nd the strongest planets are Venus +Jupiter. 

MSTR‘ target around 2000

Mara as well by 1.36%

In the Semiconductors sector;  highest volume AMD: rising by 0.77%

The “Magnificent 7: 


For today: TA35: closed at 1913; the stop is 1910; so we are long above this level.

s&p JUNE

March 11, 2024 Monday

I mentioned Mercury entering Aries- it will be there till May 16, due to a Retro period: 

BTC: is the first to check how is the Mercury cycle affective? well, it isn’t ! 

here is the statistics for the BTC; mind you, as I wrote in my Telegram group ( link above )

“You always have to keep in mind, that the planetary position we have now in the shy were not there for 28 years ( Saturn) 84 years (Uranus), 165 years Neptune, and 248 years, Pluto!! I explained this in my video in 2019” ( link: GMAMA  to my videos) 

So what does work for something that has only 15 years of data? 

Last year I checked this forecast: 

TIll the computer calculates, let’s see what else is new? 

TS came up with the solution: after analyzing 142 cycles, and optimizing it; the best cycle for the BTC is the Earth-Helio Venus cycle. THat shows a culmination till March 21-22. 

8:30 am

Asia: China 50 is green, while the Nifty is red. again, they trade in opposite directions. But I gave stop and targets for it to subscribers, so they should know how to trade. 

EUROPE: Scandinavian countries are making new historical highs.. 

OMX: Denmark: will be a long only above 3493; it made a perfect “cup and handle” pattern

OBX ( Norway): 1174- stop short below; Target: 1146-`1134

USA: SOXX index – all eyes are on NVDA: like NVDA, made an engulfing candle; – so it’s a short in the intraday.. but EMA 9 is still above EMA 20;

NVDA: weight in the SOXXX is 11.20%; AMD = 10.24% , so when they correct down, SOXX will as well. 

SMH: 217-31


Assassination attempt against XI: 

LTC: is on the move.!!listen to my Video !


Pls. order the forecast, to receive such an analysis !

March 10, 2024 Sunday

Here is a comparison chart between the BTC and its miners: 

Although, the BTC made a huge rally, it’s miners, like MSTR; COIN, CLSK, etc – gained more. 

There is an interesting pattern in the BTC, it topped on Nov 9, 2021; and bottomed on Nov 21, 2022 – 374 days difference. The halving will take place on April 20th, so I wonder, if till then it will reach 75500-75600 and even will spike to 82-89000? If the BTC goes up, the miners will as well; and also the Nasdaq. I wrote several times, that the BTC is a “forerunner for the markets.. 

Below we can see, that the Nasdaq double topped with Oct.2021 top so did the BTC: 

Adding the other favorites: ETH, Shiba, Ripple: we can see, that they have still space to reach former tops.

1 month performance

BTC halving on 4/20th under a Retro Mercury !

So, what we can see, that money is pouring in into these miners, besides the AI shares..
Market is about to open here. 

TA Banks: trade range 3661-3883

1 month performance: TA groups

Events in the sky: Geocentric Mercury enters Aries;Mercury rules Gemini ( traffic accidents!) and Virgo, when in Aries, brings in new energy. Mercury cycle doesn’t work for the USA indices. 

DOW: Mercury cycle is not working for it


March 9, 2024 Saturday

I hope you enjoy my blog.. Pls listen to the

videos uploaded on 3/9, in the former article ! 


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