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September 1, 2023 Friday 

We wave goodbye to August 2023; it brought a rally !! 

August 31st performance : 

Please check out what I wrote on the 30th… the last up leg was due to the Moon in Aqua, and as soon as she entered Pisces, we got a fall. But, the Moon will go into Aries soon, so an up correction will be possible. There are many indices that will reverse on the 3-4th.. but again, they should go above the last top, and better 8/14th top in order to go higher. 
September 1: on this day in history WWII broke out.. 

Here is the chart for 9/1/1939 and today; we can see, that Uranus returned to the same place, in Taurus, while Neptune is in opposition: 

Interesting person: Narcissa Whitman- read about her, she was one of the first settlers in the wild west; killed by the natives, only at age 39. 
I made her Solar chart, with the day of her death and added the asteroid narcissus too Look, she has the Saturn at 22* on the killer deg… many more aspects, but in lack of exact times, it would be just guessing. there was a trial too.. details here.

Looking at the astrocarthography with her Solar chart, she went from NY, to Waiilatpu mission, near Walla Walla, Washington, where her natal Mercury desc. line, ruler of H4- of endings is.. 

Aspects for the next 3 days

                               Aspect Exact during trading hours: GMT+3

No trade today in Hong Kong, due to hurricane.

Moon          90 Vesta          1.09.2023 10:35

Moon           0 Neptune        1.09.2023 11:13

Moon         135 Venus          1.09.2023 12:09

Mercury       90 Mars/Sat MP    1.09.2023 12:52

Moon          60 Pluto          1.09.2023 13:35

Moon          60 Sedna          1.09.2023 17:18

Moon          45 Jupiter        1.09.2023 17:19

Moon         180 Mars           1.09.2023 21:49

Sunday: 9/3

Moon         150 Pallas         3.09.2023  9:53

Sun          135 Moon           3.09.2023 10:27

Moon           0 Node           3.09.2023 10:44

Moon          60 Vesta          3.09.2023 12:53

Ceres        180 Eris           3.09.2023 13:33

Sun          135 Node           3.09.2023 14:30

Moon          90 Pluto          3.09.2023 14:57

Moon         135 Mercury        3.09.2023 20:09

Moon          60 Saturn         3.09.2023 23:36

Monday : 9/4 – no trade in the USA: inflation announcement in Israel. Now it’s 4.75%

Sept 4-7: 

                               Aspect Exact

Moon         135 Mars/Sat MP    4.09.2023  0:51

Moon         150 Mars           4.09.2023  2:10

Venus         45 Vesta          4.09.2023  5:27

Moon          90 Juno           4.09.2023 11:18

Node         150 Pallas         4.09.2023 12:30

Moon         135 Pallas         4.09.2023 12:33

Mercury      120 Jupiter        4.09.2023 13:29

Sun          120 Moon           4.09.2023 14:12

Moon          45 Neptune        4.09.2023 14:13

Moon          90 Venus          4.09.2023 15:08

Moon          45 Vesta          4.09.2023 15:21

Chiron       120 Mars/Sat MP    4.09.2023 17:41

Moon         120 Mercury        4.09.2023 20:35

Moon           0 Jupiter        4.09.2023 21:06

Moon         150 Mars/Sat MP    5.09.2023  3:45

Node         180 Ceres          5.09.2023  4:10

Moon         135 Mars           5.09.2023  5:53

Moon           0 Uranus         5.09.2023 10:28

Moon         150 Ceres          5.09.2023 15:41

Moon         120 Pallas         5.09.2023 16:17

Moon          60 Neptune        5.09.2023 16:59

Moon         120 Pluto          5.09.2023 19:46

Moon           0 Sedna          6.09.2023  0:07

Sun          135 Pluto          6.09.2023  3:10

Moon          90 Saturn         6.09.2023  4:50

Moon          45 Chiron         6.09.2023  6:45

Moon         120 Mars           6.09.2023 10:44

Neptune      180 Pallas         6.09.2023 11:24

Sun            0 Mercury        6.09.2023 14:09

Moon          45 Eris           6.09.2023 17:50

Moon          45 Node           6.09.2023 19:08

Moon          60 Juno           6.09.2023 19:55

Moon         135 Ceres          6.09.2023 20:21

Moon          60 Venus          6.09.2023 22:06

Moon         135 Pluto          6.09.2023 23:38

Moon          90 Mercury        6.09.2023 23:46

Using the Moon it makes “crowded” but for intra day trade it’s important.. 

Between Sept 1- 30; no planet changes sign.. Mercury (15th) and Venus (4th) will turn Direct. 

There are many more aspects and turns, but we will discuss it in due time. 

Finding turns in trend: we must remember former tops and lows: these days are prompt for a reversal. Surely, if they fall on a weekend, it will happen 1-2 days before or after. 

S&P: Sept: 2,3,5,9,10,17,25,30

next we have to see when are the upcoming holidays: 

In Israel: New Years on the 17th.. no trade; and Yom Kippur on the 24th. 

it is important, because now there are only 16 days to trade Sept. options.. 


Back later.. 

August 31,2023 Thursday

Yesterday, as expected, with the Moon leaving Aquarius and entering Pisces, we got peaks and  lower levels later..

The best group was the Technology group

the highest volume in the group: 

A lot of announcements today .. so watch those..

For today in the sky:

31.08.2023  4:35:28  7°25’14″Psc Opposition Sun

31.08.2023 17:24:34 15°33’20″Psc Sextile Jupiter – during USA trading hours = good.

31.08.2023 22:28:22 18°45’19″Psc Opposition Mercury


TA35: closed at 1845.76, now there is a minor positive arbitrage, so it might go to 1852; today is options expiry, also last day of trade in the week, market will be hectic and I will be away, watching the grandkids.. I have September puts, so I am not worried an din times like these I am not buying anything. (Full Moon in Pisces )… 

Sunday, Sept.3rd, when our market opens, depending on the arbitrage also, and an Aries Moon, also 55 days from former low; I think it will bring lower lows. 

DAX with the last alert, still valid : trade range 15520-680; maybe I would raise now the stop to 15850; with the Dax one can lose a lot or gain a lot.. 

CAC future: stop 7300

for future insights, please sign up for the forecasts !!

markets closed on : 

August 30, 2023 Wednesday 

Yesterday the USA markets, Gold and BTC rallied. why? can I base that to the Moon in Aquarius? yes, usually, we get a rally. Some say, it’s due to Merc-mars helio aspect.. well, if that is so, then the rally should continue. I don’t think so.. I think by the time the Moon moves into Pisces, we will get a reversal.. the Gold reached 3 of my given targets yesterday..Now, we will see, if 1966 holds.

Today the Moon is Perigee; extremely strong; we are also before the Full Moon in Pisces! so a reversal will come.


30.08.2023  6:04:03 23°04’30″Aqr Square Uranus

30.08.2023 16:56:18  0°00’00″Psc <<<

30.08.2023 22:32:47  3°34’23″Psc Conjunction Saturn

Watch the building permits, later… if negative, then market will reverse down. 


10 year bond: raise stop to 4.1, 34% gain since the low! 

5 year bond = 40% gain in 110 days

2 year bond : 

TSLA ; Since Buffett bought it on 8/16, he gained 14% 

August 29,2023 Tuesday

News in the sky: 

The Moon is now in Aquarius! 150^ from the Sun; We have now 9 planets in Retro(including the Lilith, Chiron and Eris); Uranus is stationary..Mars entered ♎; where it is in its Detriment (weak). it is a day of Mars and Saturn, they are 150^ apart..

all these, show weakness and more shorts, for indices, but a rally or at least higher levels for the Gold. 

I posted on 8/23 in my TG group ALAR: 

Gold bottomed on 8/21 at 1914; it was a buy; now at 1952: future targets: 

1939.89 = stop now





Nifty: made – so far a lower high than yesterday (19366, my target was 340-380) now they are stops for short.

NNDM: is on the move: stop = 2.75 target 3.40- if above, will run ! Today is 262 days from 12/9/22 low! 

AAPL: my last alert was on 8/3 “short below 193, fell to 171.69 on 8/18 – many shares bottomed on 8/18 + 13 days 8/31 will be a CIT ! watch out.. I  would use 177-178 as stop for longs.. must or should go above 185- to rally higher.

Is the QQQ forming on H&S pattern? in the 15 min !

August 28, 2023 Monday 

We have the Moon in Capricorn, in trine with Uranus, Sun 180^ Saturn; Mars 135^Jupiter, Saturn still conjunct Fomalhaut ( the Royal star) “watcher of the south”..it’s the day of the Moon and Neptune!! a CIT (change in trend ) must come.. 

So, in general… if you are a long term trader, use the top of the 3rd former days’ top = Aug.25 top, and be short below, or long if above. If you are an intraday trader, then the same in the 60 min, or 15 min. graph, depending which you trade. 

Nikkei: stop that I would use is 32200- note, that the Fibonacci days the software gives are trading days, and we should mainly watch  the calendar days, since the planets are not aware of weekends or holidays. they move, no matter  what..

Nifty: stop is 19270 target 19340-380

AEX: the stop should be 723= daily  or 734 (intraday)  if above it’s a long ; target 753

GER30 : stop= 15724 target 15754

12″40 ” the Nikkei closed below the stop!

China 50: on 8/21 – scroll down – I wrote about it, now it trades at 12644 ! so if you trade it, you are gaining. Stop now 12530.

TA35: very small trade range, it was a boring day

August 27, 2023 Sunday

On this day my 4th grandchild was born. welcome to this world, little one! Hope to make it better by the time you grow up! 

August 26, 2023 Saturday

Yesterday in the USA markets: after the fall on Friday, it tried to correct up; 

lead by: 

However, looking at the monthly performance: 

The Dow has been falling since 8/1; Nasdaq since 7/19; the S&P since 7/26th. 

Dow bottomed on: 8/25; so far, ( 34 trading. d or 47 calendar d. from former low) 

Nasdaq bottomed on 8/22 ( 59/69 days from former low ) and the S&P bottomed on 8/17; 

( 38/53 d from former low.) So, each index has it’s own rhythm.. 

What happens next week? It’s the last week of the month… but it brings a lot of changes: as I wrote at the opening of this article, except for Mars, all planets will be in Retro motion.

No trade in the UK tomorrow.. 

For TA35: we have a minor negative arbitrage, so if the close was 1839.66 ( lower lows in the 5 min graph); and with the Moon moving into Capricorn, I think the trade range will be between 1833-58 ; if below 1833- then 1823- 1804 even.. 
Shekel/USD: reached again 3.80 up target 3.83-84; my August calls should pay! 

Time wise: I expect a CIT on 8/30-31 next Sept 6-7 + 13-14. etc.


Monday, when the world opens, the Moon will still be in Cap! in exact trine Mercury and Uranus at 21degrees.

For the S&P , for ex. this means, 4401 is stop. Target is 4463; failing to reach it, it will be a sign of weakness and fall back.

On Aug 28 Mars moves into ♎, where it is in its Detriment, the market “pumper” gets weak..till Oct. 12th! 

Mars aspects: 

Transit Mars in Libra aspects with other transit planets, no Moon 

August 25, 2023 Friday

Yesterday in the USA markets: called the bears out

All started at the top and fell till the close. I mentioned in the opening of this article, that Aug.23rd is a Gann CIT day! Next Gann days will be on Sept.7, 22..so mark these in the calendar. Besides these day we have more CIT days, but you should already know that! I have been urging you to build an excel file with tops and bottoms and add the Fibonacci days.

August 24, 2023 Thursday

Yesterday, under a stationary Mercury we had 2 important events in the world: 

India landed a rover on the Moon: Chandrayaan 3 at 21:03 Mumbai time ; here is the chart: 

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