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Financial AstrologyNew Moon in Aquarius, 2024 ~ Financial and Mundane astrology

New Moon in Aquarius, 2024 ~ Financial and Mundane astrology

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March 9, 2024 Saturday 

Yesterday, when Mercury was conjunct Neptune, and the Moon to Venus; the USA markets made a lower high and fell 

Yesterday was 233 days from July 19th top !!! so major CIT; and we got an |Engulfing|” pattern; which points to a top and reversal. 

Now, surprise !!! July 19 top Jupiter was at 12 Tau, and yesterday “rearrived” after being retro.. also Venus made 180 degrees in these 233 days! 

Maybe we should look at 8/18 low, to get a clue for the future.. On 8/18 Jupiter was at 15 Tau, it will be again on March 21-22; also Mercury was at 20 Virgo, and 150^ to that position on the Spring equinox, or March 21, take a day + or – for a CIT. 

Thus, we can assume from the past what will happen in the future and mark those days in the calendar. 

Technology group by volume

Technology grp. by Market cap: 

the Semiconductors fell most. 

Fed announcement NY time: 

let’s look at the no. 1 share NVDA: 

Yesterday NVDA made a reversal candle; the stop should be 850 still long above it.  on the long run NVDA is  WINNER.. 

MRVL: EMA 4 broke below EMA 13; sign to cash out. Target now 71-72 

So let’s see what happens next week in the sky ? Maybe I should make a video again.. 

March 10-17, 2024 


About the BTC halving, coming up on 4/20, 2024 – every 4 years.. yes, the BTC rallied enormously in the last few weeks, but, if you look at MSTR?? which did better ? 

THe BTC had a halving every 4 years. If you check the graph of the BTC, a year after the halving, it went up  by 100-300% ++++  but now, APRIL 20, in 2024,( UNDER MERCURY RETRO)  it is not sure it will do the same.. because of the 10-12 ETFs that started to trade !! 


Actual aspects

Begin: 10.03.2024  Period: 1 month  (GMT+2)

                               Aspect Exact

Moon         P^  Node          10.03.2024 10:06

Moon          60 Uranus        10.03.2024 10:22

Sun            0 Moon          10.03.2024 11:00

Moon         P^  Juno          10.03.2024 12:56


Moon         P   Eris          11.03.2024  4:38

Moon          60 Pluto         11.03.2024  4:38

Moon           0 Mercury       11.03.2024  5:15

Moon         P   Mercury       11.03.2024  8:23

Moon         P^  Eris          11.03.2024  8:37

Mercury      P^  Eris          11.03.2024 10:12

Moon         120 Pallas        11.03.2024 14:03

Moon         P^  Neptune       11.03.2024 14:06

Venus         90 Sedna         11.03.2024 14:56

Sun          P^  Moon          11.03.2024 17:44

Moon          90 Ceres         11.03.2024 19:44

Moon         150 Juno          11.03.2024 20:49


The rest, after the New Moon!! 

March 8 – Happy Women day ! 

Venus is the strongest planet in the sky, as it it knew … We have a stellium in Aquarius, that square Jup+Uranus in Taurus and another stellium in Pisces, that sextile them. The Sun today is at Sat/Ne MP. The Sun moves on tomorrow, so it will b eliminate this midpoint. But we still have these: that last longer. 

With the Moon entering Aquarius yesterday, we saw another rally in the markets; especially in the S&P, which is most responsive to this position. 

Uranus rules Technology, or all new inventions, the “genius spark” so I made this AI image thanks to Leonardo AI” Uranus in a bubble bath ” 

Uranus enters Taurus in Sept 2018; in the Helio sky; will be in Taurus till Jan 9, 2026. 

I can’t even imagine, where will the technology and every~day~new~technology when Uranus will be in Gemini.. ( transportation… communication, speech).. probably we will fly on sonar car, and teletransport each other back and forth in history.. . or maybe even we will be able to communicate with animals.. why not? Mercury rules H6, small animals… 
Only little bummer/ or not ? is coming up, March 9, 22:07 GMT +2 Helio Mercury enters Taurus. I conducted a research in 2015 and it came up that the Helio Mercury cycle is unreliable.. I am checking this again… so wait.. 

Outcome for the Dow: Helio Mercury cycle doesn’t work 

NVDA: target is above 1000: 

No trade today in India, due to holiday; so by the time they open on Monday: Moon 0 Mercury in Taurus will push the Nifty up. IMHO… always.. 

March 7, 2024 Thursday 

Yesterday in the USA: 

S&P: today 62 days from Jan 5th low = CIT day; If you are a swing trader, than EMA 150 is your stop, If you are an intraday trader, than 5105 is the stop. 

I will check how did it “behave” previously in March : Statistics show, that it went more up than down.. 


Asia: new historical highs : AXJO; STWN, NSEI, TWDOW, NZDOW; the rest, for the time being topped yesterday, and are trading lower now. 

Europe: for most of them 3/5 low is the stop.IT40; SWI20;STOXX50;OMXS30,DE40,AEX, GREK: ALL MADE NEW ALL TIME HIGHS!


TA35: probably will open with a gap up.. 

It is now 9:04 ; I’ll continue later.. must answer mail to all the subscribers. 

The ruling planet today is Jupiter, and it is conjunct Uranus in the Helio chart.. that points , for the next 1-23 days for a culmination.

Below is the S&P with Jupiter major aspects to uranus in the HELIO chart

some Chinese inputs” 

Congratulations to those born this month

the bunnies 🐇

The rabbit is one of the 3 group animals in Chinese astrology,

And so her natural state is to be together with other people.

The rabbit is very sociable, communicative, pleasant, talkative and has high sensitivity and social awareness.

But the rabbit has some other interesting features

The rabbit is the symbol of sensuality (Playboy🐰), therefore those born and born this month often have a sensual appearance, and their 5 senses are also very active – the smell, the sound, the touch, the love for aesthetics, etc.

People born this month have a tendency to be the fun and easy-going character that you want with you in meetings and social gatherings and travels, they have optimism, generosity and sensitivity to others, in addition to a sense of humor and a developed imagination.

The rabbit is the symbol of fantasy, so if you are looking for a partner to sail with your imagination – look for the born and born this month.

The weak point of the rabbits is the high sensitivity, therefore there is also a tendency to avoid conflicts, to the point of repression, and in the end dealing with the consequences of the avoidance.” 


NYCB: I wouldn’t touch it 


The rumor has it, that Nancy Pelosi is the best trader ever.. She bought, lately PALW ( Palo Alto  options. Looking at the graph, not at the best timings.PURCHASED 50 CALL OPTIONS WITH A STRIKE PRICE OF $200 AND AN EXPIRATION DATE OF 1/17/25.


Future outlook for the share: it shows a low in early May and a rally till July, then a fall again till Nov- and a rise into 2025. 

March 6, 2024 Wednesday
On this day, in 1927 Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the writer , was born here are a few Aphorisms he left for us ”
As the proverb says” one lives as long as he is remembered” 

In memory of one of the utmost brilliant writers of our time, these are inspirational fragments of Gabriel García Márquez ‘s everlasting masterpieces.
1. “Age isn’t how old you are but how old you feel.”
2. “No medicine cures what happiness cannot.”
3. “What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.”
4. “It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”
5. “A true friend is the one who holds your hand and touches your heart.”
6. “It is life, more than death, that has no limits.”
7. “There is always something left to love.”
8. “He who awaits much can expect little.”
9. “The heart’s memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good.”
10. “No matter what, nobody can take away the dances you’ve already had.”

Read his biography! I will show you a very interesting thing here: He was born with Neptune at 25 Leo, and in 2009, his publisher announced, that he will not write any more; what happened? Tr. Neptune  arrived in opposition to his natal Neptune ! and the door to the world of inspiration and creativity was closed. 

” In May 2008 it was announced that García Márquez was finishing a new “novel of love” that had yet to be given a title, to be published by the end of the year. However, in April 2009 his agent, Carmen Balcells, told the Chilean newspaper La Tercera that García Márquez was unlikely to write again.

In December 2008 García Márquez told fans at the Guadalajara book fair that writing had worn him out. In 2009, responding to claims by both his literary agent and his biographer that his writing career was over, he told Colombian newspaper El Tiempo: “Not only is it not true, but the only thing I do is write”.

In 2012 his brother Jaime announced that García Márquez was suffering from dementia”. ( tr. Neptune entered Pisces) 

Nasdaq future math calculations : STOP 18037-57 INTRADAY

these are positive! Lumber should rally 

As of Sunday , in Israel options will expire 3 times week… Playing with AI, I came up with this image; I made it: “The gates of Hell are wide open, and we can count many skeletons” . 


Date: Sun, Mar 10, 2024 – Tue, Apr 9, 2024; VENUS WILL 60*ALGOL 


Rate cuts likely at ‘some point’ this year: Fed’s Powell”

March 5, 2024 Tuesday

I wrote yesterday Finally, Mercury in Pisces starts to “work” . It is backed also by Helio Mercury entering Aries  yesterday, so “Communication services fell most. ” I don’t know what rules “Utilities” I should ask other astrologers.. In any case; in my former video I mentioned that yesterday was ruled by Saturn ( blocking virtue) , being the strongest planet in the score counting among the planetary positions; and Mercury the weakest

Today and tomorrow is also ruled by Saturn, and the weakest is Mercury; then on the 7th Venus is the strongest, Mercury stays the weakest and Friday the same… So, when Saturn is so strong.. representing the gov. are there any announcements? 

March 6th: Saturn 60^ Jupiter; probably no change in interest rates

March 7th: Venus 30^ to Mercury ( ruler of H6 ( jobs) minor positive position; these should come out fairly good
March 8: Venus and Saturn ( by different calculations). At the time of the announcement Mercury is conj Neptune in Pisces…will the outcome be fake, and corrected next month ? 

News: CHINA: China sets its GDT target to 5% for 2024 ; one of my targets posted on Jan 17 was 12052;( now it’s the stop )  topped so far at 12092.7; 

Earnings this week: 

Nifty: is correcting the last rally see 5 min chart: short below 23360

BTC: 200$ lower to than in 7/11/2011 

Eth top was 4864.. trying to reach it.. target now is 4020 


3063 years ago, tomorrow, King David was born…Yesterday I wrote about Vivaldi, and he was a red head. I asked in some groups on FB, how can we see in a person’t chart, knowing nothing about his grandparents or genetics, that he will be a red head.. so today King David’s chart popped up, in the “upcoming birthdays” he too was one. A strong Mars on the Asc, or personal planets, mainly Venus in Aries or mars’ ruled decanates can point to a red head.. there is a long list in astro.com, if you want to analyze.. 


Dangerous gap there: SMCI: 

OK.. Market is about to start; it’s 9:30 am ; TA35: stop 1960-62 short if below. 



Orange Juice: 

Cotton: Stop is 91 

Pls. sign up for the forecasts, to know when to buy/sell. 

5:30 pm : FB, messenger, You tube are all down and don’t connect ! 

March 4, 2024 Monday

On this day, in 1678 Antonio Vivaldi was born. Under a Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, that made him a musical genius.

Also Happy birthday to Nick Champion, famous UK astrologer! 


The sky today: Venus 90 Uranus..+ Mars 60^ NN; Jupiter 45^ Neptune; the Moon is still in ♐


Most of them made a low on 3/3/, breaking that, will retest 2/29 low.. kind’a correction.

Looking at the Helio chart: Mercury just enters Aries. From there it sextiles Pluto; while Jupiter is conjunct Uranus! Uranus at 22* !! this conjunctions marks a start of a new synodic cycle..

Helio ingresses

3.03.2024 21:04:10 > Ari Mercury
9.03.2024 15:55:20 > Tau Mercury
11.03.2024 2:54:24 > Aqr Mars
12.03.2024 1:13:26 > Aqr Venus
14.03.2024 17:09:28 > Gem Mercury
19.03.2024 11:34:52 > Cnc Mercury

All these dates mark a CIT! 

Now I am calculating what did that Jupiter-Uranus conjunction do to the S&P? 

Here is Mercury in Helio in Aries: 4 v! so it works- shows a fall till March 11-12 for the S&P

NIFTY: consolidation, waiting for MR.Goodbar


MSFT: LISTEN TO MY VIDEO ( gmama)  ” The magnificent 7″ and here is a graph for today


DECK: same


At the close: 

Finally, Mercury in Pisces starts to “work” . It is backed also by Helio Mercury entering Aries  yesterday, so “Communication services fall most. 

March 3rd, 2024 Sunday

I am adding here again the transit on the Full Moon chart, for this week: 

The sky today: transit Moon from SAG is in sextile Full Moon Mars+Venus; Other minor position os a 30 deg. between Mercury and the NN; and the Sun just left a sextile to Jupiter

BTC: during the weekend consolidated: 

LTC: I posted on 2/29: pls. scroll down, or here it is what I wroteLTC: topped at 401 in May 2021 and fell to 41; SInce June 2022 it has been consolidating and couldn’t break above 114- the last top; Yesterday it started to move, so the first target is 114- if above, then next 168-211-255-305 . Stop = 75; CIT:May 10

Top so far 95.40 ; we can raise the stop to 91.

ETH: made 0.61% up correction from the 2021-22 fall

Do you know Tom Lee? here is his forecast for 2024.
Bottom line, since the AI is a new brand that is soaring, they lift the markets up, what we didn’t have 5-10- years ago.. 
Looking back to indices: who gained more: in a year? 

Nikkei is the first runner up : 

Using EMA 9 +20; the following indices are still bullish: AXJOA; HK50,SZSE ; Bank Nifty future; Nifty Future; HSCE;AXJO, SGXFTSE, NZDOW; KRDOW; 

You understand how to use is, once the EMA 9 is above EMA 20; it’s still bullish. 
In Europe: 

TR20: is the first runner up, but using EMA 9+20; it just broke down.. first sign for a correction; Stop is 8635- only above it long

Most of the indices made 2 Elliotts; and trade above EMA 9!! so no worries there.. the further they are from EMA 9; the stronger they are.. Sweden, Hungary, DAX, Italy, Denmark, France all made all time highs.. 

So, what can I say?? the trend is up.

USA best runner up

NDX all time high

IXIC: double top

DOW, S&P; futures all time high
RUT2000: 52 weeks high, but didn’t catch up yet with the rest.. 


It is now 8:49 am’ let’s see where will the market go today? I posted my targets yesterday.


March 2, 2024 Saturday

The title of today’s post is “Mercury is confused ” Why?

listen here 


TA35 for tomorrow: the close was 1947, tomorrow it will go probably to 1980-2005

March 1, 2024 Friday

We have a leap year now; so babies born yesterday celebrate their birthday every 4 years only? hmmm

After yesterday’s USA announcements it is hard to believe, that the markets rallied…

Mercury in ♓didn’t stop the rally in the Communication group.. I guess it was scuba diving.. and got enough air.. lol 

So, the rally goes on.
Almost every announcement is worse than before.. 

Follow up to the “Magnificent 7” ; you can watch my video about them below..

More announcements to follow today; the Moon is still in Sco.♏; in trine with the Sun, approaching and fading out of light. 

S&P math targets: stop = 5102


February 29, 2024 Thursday

Let me start with yesterday: TA35, completely disregarded the positive arbitrage, and fell; The same happened the day before yesterday, when it was a negative arbitrage and the index ran up.. So I guess I will have to disregard completely this tool or calculation.. 

Yesterday I made a video about the 7 most important shares, ( AAPL, AMZN, GOOGL, META, NFLX, NVDA,TSLA) if you haven’t listened till now, it’s in the post, pls., scroll down. Why it is important? Because Mercury in ♓ is supposed to bring a correction, at least. Now, of course there are thousand of other shares to look at; if one group corrects, an other will run up. Yesterday it was 

Which, in a year lost 2.4%

XLRE: now, it’s a long above $38- 

there are many sites that will give you the best shares in the last 52 weeks too; Are we in a bubble? Definitely… Look at the BTC! it’s 64000$ a little bit more to go to 68- and if breaks that roof, 80-90-100000$ .

LTC, one small crypto that I have, finally, yesterday broke out of a long consolidation: 
All these fell hard but now look :

LTC: topped at 401 in May 2021 and fell to 41; SInce June 2022 it has been consolidating and couldn’t break above 114- the last top; Yesterday it started to move, so the first target is 114- if above, then next 168-211-255-305 . Stop = 75; CIT:May 10

All the other small cryptos, breaking out of their “incubator” can make 3-5-7 times more then the price difference between the last top and low. 

News in the sky 8:55 am: the MOON moved to ♏..Right now squaring Pluto; We still have the Sun +Mercury ( bad) +Saturn ( Gov. regulations;  blocks) conjunction in Pisc.( fake news) Oh… PCE today. AT 3:30PM.. ha!!  They all sextile (good) Jupiter; (expansion, law, overseas travels); Venus(banks) trines the NN; and the Ju/Sat+ Ura/Nep MP ! all at 15 Aries- With CHiron; Look at Venus 150^ Lilith..

Forecast 0.3; higher than before; if it’s more than 0,3, markets will correct down; but with all that money waiting to enter the markets; I doubt it will have a big impact. 

Looking at NY time 8:30; it is interesting to see the Moon 165^ to uranus- there will be a jump in trades, no doubt about that, so better sit on your hands for 15 min before and after. 

Adding this on 3/1: the outcome of the announcements: 

OK; market will soon start here; take care ! 

February 28, 2024 Wednesday

Yesterday in the USA: A RALLy again!! after a small dip the day before. 

The Nasdaq pushed the indices up..

OK; so no sign of crashes or corrections even... If it’s not the Technology group, then it’s the Utilities, or Semiconductors.. So we are long with a stop at the last week’s low. 

It is now 8:16 am: for TA35 there is a positive arbitrage; we closed at 1942.93; so, in spite of Mercury being in Pisces, the market rallies.

Today we have Mercury +THE SUN + Saturn conjunct; that puts the stop/support at 1939 and the target at 1969


AApl: gave up making an electric car, that pushes the share up; seems that all companies making these cars are loosing. 

Some very interesting heliocentric positions now: !!! Earth 120 Venus; Mars 120 Uranus!! at the “kill or get killed 22 deg. and Mercury +Saturn in ♓in opposition the Earth

In spite of all the huuu haaa in the markets; these positions should mark a top , a culmination and a reversal; it will take a few days.. till March 5th when we have a GANN date as well.


USA futures now: 

Beyond Meat: BYND not for me to eat or buy

10:50 Asia: the only ones rising” 


The magnificent 7 :



meanwhile: market cap of all the cryptos equal the market cap of NVDA!

TA35: BORING !! 1930-36  range

TABanks: reached one of the targes given yesterday

February 27, 2024 Tuesday

Here is the calendar, if you didn’t make it, on TS: for NY time:

Since Mercury entered the water sign of Pisc; the communication group is leading the correction. this is a picture I made with AI; which I am learning now, by listening to different you tube videos…

and another; which one do you like? For Mercury, “the messenger of Gods” enters Pisces.

February 26, 2024 Monday

On Saturday there was a Full Moon, wasn’t it beautiful ? at 5 Virgo.. so now, we use that chart with the transits on it. March 10 is New Moon, new story..Meanwhile: 

The sky now: we have the Moon at the last deg. of Virgo, and in opposition Neptune; Mercury is getting closer to the Sun and Saturn; in Pisces.Once Mercury is conjunct it is called ” Combust” which is bad, but when it is only 0.17 minutes from the Sun, that is called Cazimi, ( in the heart of the Sun)  which is good; happens on the 28th. Any announcements then? look it up. 


at 4:00 pm we have interest rate announcement…the forecast is , they will lower it.But in 2025 they will raise the VAT to 18% from 17%…


BRK.A earnings today.. it’s up in premarket

And the outcome for the Banks index was a rally- as posted yesterday, and a fall, when the lie was revealed…

USA now: 4:59 pm my time


Feb 26, 2024  Lucy Scientific Discovery Unt (LSDI) 1:10
 Walmart (WMT) 3:1

February 25, 2024 Sunday

Yesterday I started to learn about AI. I already use Chat GPT; thanks to my son, who showed me how to some months ago; so, I use it sometimes, but there is much much more to it, like making images, subtitles, asking for any question to get a lot of info. about the topic.. It will replace Google search, that’s for sure. But when I try to use it for astrology chart calculation, it still gets it wrong. So we always must double check everything a computer answers..IMHO of course, no offence…”

So I wrote this text with my simple English, and I asked Chat GPT to re write it more professionally:

Yesterday, I embarked on a comprehensive exploration of the field of Artificial Intelligence. I am already acquainted with Chat GPT, having been introduced to it several months ago by my son. While I occasionally utilize its capabilities, I have come to realize that its potential extends far beyond my current usage. The spectrum includes generating images, generating subtitles, and extracting extensive information on various topics through intelligent inquiries. It is evident that AI, particularly tools like Chat GPT, is poised to revolutionize information retrieval, potentially surpassing traditional methods such as Google search.

Nevertheless, despite its remarkable capabilities, I have observed certain limitations, particularly in the realm of astrology chart calculations. In such instances, it is imperative to exercise caution and prudence, as the system may occasionally produce inaccuracies. Therefore, a prudent approach involves cross-verifying the results generated by the AI with additional resources. This is not a critique but rather a pragmatic observation that underscores the importance of vigilance in relying solely on automated responses.”

What do you think?


It is still early, market will start in 3 hours; so I have time to show you some more:
I asked:
what do you think about the upcoming Sun -saturn conjunction?

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have real-time information, and my training only includes knowledge up to January 2022. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information about celestial events, including the upcoming Sun-Saturn conjunction, I recommend checking with reputable astronomical sources, astrology websites, or consulting with a professional astrologer who can provide insights based on your specific birth chart and astrological context.”

OK.. so let me tell you, what I think about this conjunction, that happens every year’ this time, they will be conjunct on Feb 28th at 9 Degrees ♓; joined by Mercury, which, you already know is bad for longs in the Water element; If I use Nikola S.’ System, the 9th degree is the degree of the 9th sign= ♐; sign of law, high studies, foreign travels; extremes… Saturn rules old people, black people; governments ( being the ruler of Capricorn H10) and it brings hardships, delays to these. Mercury being conjunct Saturn, the Sun and!!! 4 planets midpoint ( Ju/Pl+ Sat/PL) I would advise old people not to travel too much, as long as Saturn is conjunct the Sun. Time wise from today till early March.

In the world: which is divided to signs, ♓ runs between Greenland to Madrid, Algeria; we can see where are the 3 planets are on the MC , Asc and Dsc in the world.. Note, that they cross Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia…on the DSC


By the way, babies born between Feb 28-March 2; will likely to have blue or green eyes. ( Sun +Moon in water signs).

TA35 12:10 noon

I was wrong about a down correction for today; we reached 1928 so far; next targets and CIT days?

I quickly changed all my positions, so it’s a gaining’s day today:)

TA35: closed at 1938.36 !
One step higher: now next:


February 24, 2024 Saturday:

Looking back at what I wrote below and the outcome: ” So for ex. S&P stop is 5080- target 5103- if still moves above, raise stop; tighter it to the last candle bottom, be it in 30 min or 60 min chart. ” My target was 5103; once it fell below 5095- the last candle low, longs were supposed to close and either go short, or stay out. 

Mercury will be in Pisc. till March 10.. so not a great outlook for longs. 

Calendar for Mercury in♓ aspects to transit planets in Geo: dates to watch; NY time

And, as an outcome:

From Communication(Mercury rules it) to Energy; those groups started to correct down

Saturn ( blocks, delays) enters ♓on Nov 10, 2023- and the Energy group since then, is really weak.

If you open www.investing.com, and go to insiders, you can see who is selling big time!!! I see there LUNR, Al, WMT,AMZN and more.. not many are buying!!!!

I mentioned Reddit that will open trade on Nasdaq.. I hope he knows about Mercury… and the IPO will be after the 10th. You can find IPO’s for Feb. also in Investing – News-IPO. No list for March yet. 


Sam Altman.. wasn’t he in some kind of trouble?? I have to look it up 

Of course.. I posted his chart in June 2023: FOUND HIS TIME: 5:00 AM. Mars ( energy, power) will conjunct his Jupiter( fame) in the first two weeks of March; Saturn is not blocking, Tr. Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct his NN in Taurus; so I guess this IPO will be good – we’ll follow up. 

Born under 2 eclipses; came to make a change in this world.. 

Tomorrow: TA35; closed on Thursday at 1915; we have a big negative arbitrage – 0.73%; that means, IMHO; that the trade range will be between 1916.50- 1900-1899-1896-93. 

Last week of Feb.calendar:NY time:


GMT+2 DURING trading hours


February 23, 2024 Friday

USA: after the pump:

Leading group of course Technology… AI is its middle name..

Inside Technology are the Semiconductors; and the best is ARM
Founded 27 November 1990; 33 years ago[1]

First trade date : 04/17/1998- 



Today we remember: Handel- the composer; born in 1685 ( Halleluya); John Keats, the poet born in 1821… etc
I always look  back humbly to composers like him.. We don’t have this levels of composition and music nowadays!In August 1750, on a journey back from Germany to London, Handel was seriously injured in a carriage accident between The Hague and Haarlem in the Netherlands.[145] In 1751, one eye started to fail. The cause was a cataract which was operated on by the great charlatan Chevalier Taylor. This did not improve his eyesight and possibly made it worse. He was completely blind by 1752. He died in 1759 at home in Brook Street, at the age of 74. The last performance he attended was of Messiah. Handel was buried in Westminster Abbey.[146] More than three thousand mourners attended his funeral, which was given full state honours.”


Reminder! all shares/ indices that bottomed on Oct 27 will have a CIT on 2/24; since it’s a Saturday, it will affect today or on Monday.

So for ex. S&P stop is 5080- target 5103- if still moves above, raise stop;; tighter it to the last candle bottom, be it in 30 min or 60 min chart. 
For the ES future: from Oct 27 low the targets are 5112-27


What can we learn from the sky?for now, 9:26 am we still have the Moon in Leo! so up we go , till she moves to Virgo, underlining: Mercury is dipping into water!! bad. 

The Sun is approaching Saturn and the positive Venus-mars conjunction is dissolving.. so yes, we have a backing from the planets, for a top and correction; planets wise and time wise. 

Does Nancy Pelosi get inside info ? I don’t know; but she nailed NVDA: 

If I see it right, she started to buy options,in the money, for a year; on Dec 21 – and she made a lot, due to tr Mars on NVDA’s Venus; 

well, good for her.. this is not a trade advice.. 


February 22.2024 Thursday:

7:30 am

NVDA :Good earnings, and a better forecast for the future from different analysts, made it rise after the close: 

thus giving a boost to the whole market.

Thanks to a FB friend, I got now the founding date of NVDA: April 5, 1993 Sunnyvale, CA; no hour.. however Using the founding date, and looking at the Nodes on Gemini/Sasg axis; June 5th 2024 tr Nodes will sextile natal Nodes.. Let’s check it again then.. In the founding chart Uranus ( Technology, Inventions, AI) is conjunct Neptune ( vision, dreams )

USA futures are green



Today we are under Jupiter and Mercury energy. THey are in a quintile, a minor position. Venus and Mars now are conjunct; this is a timeline, or CIT..The Moon is still in LEO; so up is the direction.. Date to watch will be in another 5 days, when the Sun will be conjunct Saturn- 

22.02.2024  5:02:22  6°44’59″Leo Opposition Venus – Asia 

22.02.2024  5:12:43  6°50’12″Leo Opposition Mars

22.02.2024 11:39:06 10°04’26″Leo Square Jupiter – Europe and us.

Mercury is at Neptune/Pluto midpoint today!

Quote from Ebertine’s book: Guided thinking and the inability to think independently, thinking and acting whilst under strange influences, sensitive nerves, many plans incapable of realisation, nervous weakness.”


Now it’s Zuck.. time to sell


February 21.2024 Wednesday

The day is ruled by Mercury, which brings a zig zag trade. We also have to check Uranus, which is the second ruler of the day. 

Yesterday in the USA: 

The futures now: 8:18 GMT+2

We should look at the Natural Gas… is it reversing?
If you look at the graph, in 192 weeks exactly it double bottomed. SInce 2 days it is trying to go up; I wouldn’t buy it just yet.. but wait for a higher high.

But if you want, you can enter one trade with a stop at 1.50-
60 min graph: the stop is 1.63- we are long above it

On Feb.18th I posted who has earnings this week. Here is the outcome for yesterday, if you didn’t follow.

TODAY everybody is waiting for the earnings of NVDA:
premarket now: is negative..well.. we will wait for the announcement. 

Gann wheel: Stop is 680; the Mars supports too at 665; so as long as it stays above these levels, it might go to new highs.. 


21.02.2024 15:40:16  0°00’00″Leo <<<

21.02.2024 17:37:12  0°59’12″Leo Opposition Pluto

Declination table for 4 months: 


We have an expression in Hungarian, when there is an issue to decide and we are on the yes or no? “Now is the monkey jumping in the water!! 


Explanation on AMZN natal chart with transits, and what to expect 

The announcement comes exactly, when tr MarS+Venus trine natal Venus, ruler of H11. But, check out !! uranus will conjunct the SUN ( management) between April 28- till end of June!!! so unexpected moves might come.


Is India the next place to buy stuff? 

Uber Sues Its Insurer, Claiming It Fails To Honor Coverage For Drivers In Accidents

Just in:

Under than Jupiter -Venus conjunction, everything is possible. 


4:00 pm

a lot of negativity before the opening.. 


All the trading world is waiting for the NVDA announcement.. so – I’ll just check it in another 6-7 hours.. till then.. sit on your hands. !

February 20, 2024 Tuesday

6:49 am 

SKY: the Moon is at mid Cancer, a sign it rules; Except for Chiron, Eris and the NNode; there are no planets in fire signs.. no fire, less rally; me thinks. 

Most important position is a conjunction between Mars+Venus

This position will be exact on Feb 22nd at 8:552 GMT+2;

On the globe they run here: 

Asia is mostly red..if you scroll down, you will find all kinds of alerts with stops and targets that I posted. 

What can I tell you something pleasant? My flowers are blooming and that’s a wonderful view to look at as I work.

Yesterday in Tel Aviv index we had a huge rally.. Probably today it will fall back. You can see here “global indices”
If you read this blog long enough, you know, that I watch the transits on the New Moon and Full Moon charts, looking for changes in trends.. so today and till the weekend we will have tr. Ven+Mars conjunct NM Mercury; what does that mean? Mars= war; Venus Banks; Mercury news, transportation… we will see more and more troubles from the HOUTIS; banks might correct down; actually I should look and the index.

XLRE: there is a post on 2/6 about it.. Stop was 38; now it is above, so it’s a long.

February 19, 2024 Monday

We have a major change in the sky, with the SUN entering Pisces. If you haven’t listen to my video, about the USA markets, posted during the last week end – then here it is again.

The rest of the world trades, and most in green; except for these:

It is now 9 am; so with the time difference, many are closing already.. 

in Europe:

DAX made a new historical high; I posted this on the 16th

cac: I would be extra careful here.. top 7800- stop now is 7778- only above it long again. next support level is 7748

BTC:didn’t “listen ” to the pattern, made only 1.38% down correction and it’s up again, to the former top.

Market starts… see you later.

TA35: today trade range: 1852-82.

TA35: hit 1893.83 top at 4.43 pm !! Check out the targets posted in 2/17 – on the Gann wheel! 
TOP at 1898.67 !! 

tomorrow we have weekly options expiry. so they can push it up to 1906. 

February 18, 2024 Sunday

Aspects for the this week: Pls. listen to the video posted yesterday; and here is the list:

Actual aspects

Begin: 19.02.2024  Period: 3 days  (GMT+2)

                               Aspect Exact

19.02.2024    0:13:00
> Virgo Earth – Helio ( GEO – Sun in Pisces )

Venus  60 Pallas 19.02.2024 13:57 Monday – President Day, no trade

Uranus 135 Ceres 19.02.2024 20:04

S.Node 180 Chiron  19.02.2024 23:13

Node  0 Chiron 19.02.2024 23:13

Mercury  60 Eris 20.02.2024  3:52 Tuesday

Sun  30 Pluto  20.02.2024  4:38

Juno 150 Chiron 20.02.2024  8:17

Venus 30 Ceres  20.02.2024  9:52


S.Node 30 Juno  20.02.2024 20:38

Node  150 Juno  20.02.2024 20:38

Sun 165 Juno  20.02.2024 21:19

Sun 45 Node 20.02.2024 21:23

Sun 135 S.Node 20.02.2024 21:23

Sun   45 Chiron  21.02.2024  1:10 – Wednesday- NVDA earnings

Mercury 30 Neptune 21.02.2024  9:10

Helio: 22.02.2024    2:03:31
> Cap Venus

Mars  135 Vesta  23.02.2024  1:55 – Thursday

Mercury  90 Sedna 23.02.2024  2:19

Pluto 135 Juno 23.02.2024  9:15

Pallas  P   Chiron  23.02.2024 10:40

Uranus  165 Pallas 23.02.2024 13:19

Sun  90 Pallas  23.02.2024 15:49

Mercury 165 Juno  23.02.2024 21:36

Mercury  30 Pluto  23.02.2024 23:31

Mercury  45 Node  24.02.2024  1:38 -Friday

Mercury 135 S.Node   24.02.2024  1:38

Venus  30 Saturn  24.02.2024  4:26

Sun P   Saturn  24.02.2024  9:40

Mercury 45 Chiron 24.02.2024 11:39

Helio: 25.02.2024   20:52:59
> Psc Mercury


Best/worst performer sectors in the USA

And which sector led the correction on Friday, or blinked first?


In the Video about next week in the USA markets I mentioned the BTC; check it out.. it is moving as expected !

I think it was last year, that I made this list of AI shares to follow; surely, there are new ones since then., but look here: the ones that rallied: and blinked first yesterday


February 17, 2024 Saturday

largest drop happened in the communication services, under Mercury( communication) square to Uranus- sudden events) 

All reversed at 2 pm the reversal happened under these aspects:

PPI rose; and Washington day on Monday, so people sold out before the close.


For the next week: I will make a new video, like last week.
meanwhile here is the aspect table for the next 3 days. GMT+2:

Actual aspects

Begin: 18.02.2024  Period: 3 days  (GMT+2)

                               Aspect Exact

Moon          30 Uranus        18.02.2024  9:12

Venus        135 Juno          18.02.2024 12:48

Moon         120 Mercury       18.02.2024 13:21

Moon           0 Vesta         18.02.2024 14:29


These aspects don’t hold important secrets… But what we can see in the graph above, we see, that Jupiter 60^ Saturn is still in effect; 

The midpoint table till the end of the month:


Declination table till the end of the month: check out the Moon at 00 on the 26th; that is a CIT day; among other days..


For TA35: for tomorrow: we have a small positive arbitrage; but people will look at the futures; so maybe we will have an up move at the opening; under that Moon 30^Uranus; so 1850 should be the support level, and up from there;  to 1859-69! even. Or… and there is always another side of it… a fall below 1850 and go to 1832-33; 
Here is the Gann Wheel with some explanation on TA35:



List for the first week of the month: 

Begin: 12.02.2024  Period: 1 month  (GMT+2)

                               Aspect Exact

Venus   90 Eris          12.02.2024  2:19

Mercury  45 Neptune       12.02.2024  7:59

Mars  120 Sedna         12.02.2024 14:58

Sun P^  Jupiter       13.02.2024  9:53

Sun  60 Eris          13.02.2024 13:34

Venus  60 Neptune       13.02.2024 15:36

Mars  0 Pluto         14.02.2024  8:06

Mercury 60 Chiron        15.02.2024 15:16

Pluto  P   Ceres         15.02.2024 15:45

Venus 120 Sedna         16.02.2024  7:30

Mercury 150 Juno          16.02.2024  7:35

Mercury 45 Ceres         16.02.2024 14:55

Mars 135 Juno          16.02.2024 17:43

Mercury P^  Uranus        16.02.2024 18:19

Mars 60 Pallas        17.02.2024  2:20

Mercury 90 Uranus        17.02.2024  5:52

Venus   0 Pluto         17.02.2024 10:48

Begin: 12.02.2024  Period: 1 month  (GMT+2)

                               Aspect Exact

Saturn  180 Juno          12.02.2024 12:28

Mercury 135 Sedna         12.02.2024 14:03

Venus 45 Pluto         12.02.2024 22:34

Venus  0 Ceres         13.02.2024 11:32

Mercury 90 Chiron        13.02.2024 20:28

Earth 120 Eris          14.02.2024  2:01

Mercury 120 Jupiter       14.02.2024  3:58

Juno 135 Eris          14.02.2024 21:11

Mercury 120 Uranus        14.02.2024 22:17

Venus 120 Chiron        15.02.2024  7:56

Mercury  45 Saturn        15.02.2024 16:00

Mercury 90 Eris          15.02.2024 19:17

Mars 135 Sedna         15.02.2024 19:22

Mercury 135 Juno          15.02.2024 20:59

Venus  150 Jupiter       16.02.2024  0:22

Earth 150 Neptune       16.02.2024 11:12

Mercury 60 Neptune       16.02.2024 14:00

Earth 150 Mercury       16.02.2024 15:20

Earth 45 Vesta         17.02.2024  0:03

Venus 150 Uranus        17.02.2024  8:58

Mercury 0 Pluto         17.02.2024 12:31

Mercury 120 Sedna         17.02.2024 12:43


February 16, 2024 Friday

Here is a very interesting and important chart, for peop  ein the USA, I found on Yahoo

Earnings yesterday:

Earnings today by market cap

In the USA markets we saw again a rise yesterday:

8:30 am the futures as they are now:

ESH24: made it to a new step: pls. scroll down to yesterday’s graph, to see it, with the next up step! If you take the trade range in the yellow circle- and use the Fibo targets, you knew, at 3:25 am NY time, that it will reach the 2, or higher levels, which it did exactly ! THe rally started exactly !!! when the MOON was at the Jup/Ura midpoint, and I talked about this in my 2/12 video. 


For today, with Venus moving into Aquarius till March 12, the situation differs. I am running npw TS, to see how did this position effect the index in the past. The outcome is 50/50, so not interesting.


here it shows different aspects in the sky: example: Venus Mars and Pluto conjunctions.. etc.. all are red.. Now what does that mean ????

Back later.
oh… the last one.. I am late for Pilates

But it’s weekend !!!! 


I checked Venus 0 Pluto this lasts only 1-2 days..


BTC: top so far 52720! 

other cryptos: still waiting for LTC to get to the pink line!! listen to my video! at GMAMA – link above.

Do you know, that MARA trades as the BTC? if the BTC goes up, so does MARA; now I see it’s red! the BETA is more than 5!! so it is very volatile!! be careful with the BTC!

Meanwhile, let’s look at Asia:


Nikkei: although made a new historical high.. for intraday trade we must be careful !

Bank Nifty spot: targets on the graph: posted in my Telegram group

ChinaA50 future, 60: I made some calculations from 1/17 low, here are the next targets:

Math from 1/17 10666

11625.9400 = stop




12052.5800 = target 1







12799.2000 = target 2


EUROPE: in a week:



TA35: closed at 1862.12; now historical high, for now, 10 am, the arbitrage is positive, but we must wait till the Nasdaq closes today, to be sure.. so for now, 18161 is the stop – long above; target: 1868 1880;

Mind you Venus entering Aquarius till 3/12- can shake the cards.. 

Important upcoming announcements: Building permits|: IF comes out negative… it will be a bad effect on the markets. 


Sad, but not unexpected news: Alexey Navalny, dies in prison.. how convenient!! for someone

Actually, to achieve global peace, we should get rid of only 8-10 people.. Why should thousands die?”


ESh24 premarker banji


February 15, 2024 Thursday

We are back to green… no matter the wars, the space threat from Russia on USA, the indices waved off the CPI and continue to go up 

I should add the “Fear and Greed “index… read about it more here

I mentioned KO: here is the outcome: I said 55 ( Neptune) swing stop: 58 will be a good support.. CIT:2/18. ( take a day + – ) 

Then I looked at CSCO: trade range is between 48-51; also, I talked about the importance of the BETA – scroll down and listen… it’s BETA = 0.60 ! weak.. 

For today: I said Moon 0 Jupiter = good, .. well listen. scroll down to Feb 12 post..I also mentioned and made a new video about earthquakes.. 



ESH24: Stop now is 5018 ! the question is, when will we meet that “FINGER?” that will stop the uptrend.. 

You should listen again to my past videos..

For today: 

Mercury 60 Chiron        15.02.2024 15:16

Pluto  P   Ceres         15.02.2024 15:45


Venus 120 Chiron        15.02.2024  7:56

Mercury  45 Saturn        15.02.2024 16:00

Mercury 90 Eris          15.02.2024 19:17

Mars 135 Sedna         15.02.2024 19:22

Mercury 135 Juno          15.02.2024 20:59

also: Pluto is at Venus/Mars MP… 

The Moon : 

15.02.2024  8:30:47  9°01’10″Tau Conjunction Jupiter = good

15.02.2024 22:35:37 17°04’49″Tau Square Mercury = after hours!


16.02.2024  2:26:23 19°15’32″Tau Conjunction Uranus = Asia !

16.02.2024 14:55:14 26°15’43″Tau Sextile Neptune = Europe

16.02.2024 17:00:45 27°25’34″Tau Square Sun = USA

16.02.2024 21:39:18  0°00’00″Gem <<<CIT

16.02.2024 22:01:20  0°12’11″Gem Trine Venus

16.02.2024 23:11:18  0°50’50″Gem Trine Pluto = after hours; no trade till Tuesday.


ELON Musk makes news again.. TSLA: it is imperative to stay above 188- then we can see

It’s BETA is 1.97 = meaning, if the S&p goes up , this one will go up twice as much, also vice versa! 


Let’s look at what is happening in AAPL? 

And this is what I wrote on 1/11: short below 190 ! 

SIRI: monthly chart – has been consolidating for 259 months… but once it breaks above 8-9- it will fly.. the graph shows that the first candle was on Sept 13, 1994; so research must be made .. well. market starts soon, later.. 


Chevron: I posted about it in Aug,23

OK.. it’s 9:15.. time to look at my stuff.

Be good

ESH24 = 5023- made another jump up – next step is 5026; 5030


2:21 pm: On Saturday Venus enters Aquarius; and joins there Pluto and Mars… Only Cryptos trade… we will see its effect.. 


February 14, 2024 Wednesday

With Mars in Aquarius the CPI – inflation  rose… All are red.//

For today: Mars (war, fights, weapons) conjunct Pluto ( destruction) – in Air sign Aquarius;( the people are rising in all Europe); Next: Venus ( banks, forex) 60^ Neptune ( dissolves, fake news) ; and last but not lease : Jupiter (expansion) 60* Saturn (restriction).


I posted this on 1./10:Stop = 1.093 – Now lower it to 1.0798; made a lower lw than 12/28!

Math targets from Dec top:

For TA35: with the negative arbitrage,”they” will sell like crazy.. So if the close was 1853.14- we will see: 1849-37-down to 1823-1800- even possible till the weekend. 

So let’ see what goes up, is any?

Even if all the groups fell, one can still find a share or two with a high volume ( ONLY) that went up.. but in a short trend, they will reverse as well. 


News in the world: more and more troubles pop up all over the world… you know.. I don’t want to ruin your morning.. 



HK50: made higher lows, but the resistance is at 16350.. so if you are trading it, that’s the target.



Another level, that you MUST follow, is the level of the BETA of each and everyone of your shares your hold.. You can easily find it’s level on “Tradingview” or any other platform.. If the Beta is higher than 1, it means, it’s volatility is higher than of that of the S&P; and if the S&P falls, by 1 %, it will fall by the BETA ( NVDA =Beta = 1.53- so NVDa falls 1.5% more than the S&P; on the other hand, if your share’s BETA is lower than 1- than it will fall less than the S&P !! 

If you trade any share, that trades in the Russell 2000; that fell yesterday MORE than the Russell, it means you are open to big losses!


There are the so called “Greeks” the DELTA< THETA, GAMMA; – each are important if one trades the option of a share. What is the Delta? Verrrry important !!

Delta is the theoretical estimate of how much an option’s value may change given a $1 move UP or DOWN in the underlying security. The Delta values range from -1 to +1, with 0 representing an option where the premium barely moves relative to price changes in the underlying stock.

Earnings forecast is positive, announcement: Feb 21.

Jeff Bezos has sold more than $4bn (£3.2bn) worth of Amazon stock, as the tech tycoon looks to cash in on some of his vast holdings.

The Amazon founder bolstered his $190bn fortune in recent days by selling shares in two tranches worth $2bn apiece, which comes after his company’s share price neared an all-time high.

Amazon’s shares have risen more than 12pc so far this year after the company reported a 14pc rise in Christmas sales last week. It recorded revenues of $170bn in the three months to December.

The share sales are Mr Bezos’s first since 2021 and follow his recent move from Washington state to Florida – where he will reportedly save hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes.


ES future: after the CPI and today – before market opens


After 11 years, Erdogan in a visit in Egypt!! 


What are they cooking ? 


Holidays next week:

4:29 PM ES NOW:

February 13, 2024 Tuesday: 


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