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Freshforex $99 Forex No Deposit Bonus


For those stepping into the dynamic world of Forex trading, an attractive welcome bonus can serve as a springboard to success. FreshForex understands this aspiration and presents the USD 99 No Deposit Welcome Bonus, designed to empower new traders and help them kick-start their trading journey on a risk-free note. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the intricacies of this exciting offer, providing insights into how you can leverage it to your advantage.

**Part 1: Unveiling the USD 99 No Deposit Welcome Bonus**

At FreshForex, the USD 99 No Deposit Welcome Bonus is not just an offer; it’s an opportunity. This bonus allows new traders to embark on live Forex trading without having to make an initial deposit. The best part? You can withdraw any profit earned while adhering to the terms and conditions of the promotion.

**Part 2: Claiming Your Bonus**

Claiming the USD 99 No Deposit Welcome Bonus is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to set yourself up for this trading advantage:

**Step 1: Registration**
Open a Classic, Market Pro, or ECN account for the MetaTrader 4 platform with FreshForex. This account will be your gateway to accessing the bonus.

**Step 2: Verification**
Unlike some bonuses that require rigorous verification processes, the USD 99 No Deposit Welcome Bonus streamlines the experience. No verification is needed to unlock this bonus, saving you valuable time.

**Step 3: Promo Code Application**
Enter the promo code “WB99” during the registration process. This code acts as the key to unlock the USD 99 bonus and activate it in your trading account.

**Part 3: Making the Most of the Bonus**

Once the bonus is credited to your account, you have seven days to capitalize on this trading boost. During this period, you can trade with the USD 99 bonus to potentially generate profits. However, FreshForex has gone the extra mile to enhance your trading experience.

**Bonus Extension Option:**
FreshForex understands that trading opportunities can’t always be seized within a week. Hence, they offer an extension option. By funding your trading account with any amount, you can extend the bonus use period by an additional 7 calendar days. This provides you with more time to explore the markets and make strategic trading decisions.

**Part 4: Vital Details about the Offer**

To ensure you’re well-informed, let’s delve into some essential details about the FreshForex USD 99 No Deposit Welcome Bonus:

– **Max. Leverage:** Enjoy a leverage of up to 1:2000, allowing you to amplify your trading potential.
– **Regulated By:** FreshForex operates under the regulation of CRFIN, offering a secure trading environment.
– **Trading Platforms:** Experience seamless trading through Desktop, Mobile, MT4, and MT5 platforms.
– **Account Type:** The bonus is available for Classic, Market Pro, and ECN account types, catering to your preferences.
– **Deposit and Withdrawal Methods:** Fund and withdraw from your account conveniently using Skrill, WebMoney, Visa Card, and Master Card.
– **Verification:** No verification is required to access this bonus, simplifying the process.

**Part 5: Bonus Cash Out**

The USD 99 No Deposit Welcome Bonus operates with the following cash out policy:

– **Bonus Cash Out:** The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn.
– **Profits Cash Out:** However, profits earned through trading with the bonus are withdrawable. To be eligible for withdrawal, trade 2.5 lots per each 5 USD saved profit within the 7-day trading window.

**FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions**

**Q1:** Who is eligible for the FreshForex USD 99 No Deposit Welcome Bonus?
**A:** The offer is applicable to all new clients opening a Classic, Market Pro, or ECN account.

**Q2:** What is the ending date of the promotion?
**A:** The promotion is valid until August 31, 2023.

**Q3:** Can I extend the bonus use period?
**A:** Yes, you can extend the bonus period by funding your account with any amount, granting you an additional 7 calendar days.

**Q4:** What is the verification process for this bonus?
**A:** No verification is required to access the USD 99 No Deposit Welcome Bonus.

**Q5:** What is the withdrawal policy for the bonus and profits?
**A:** While the bonus cannot be withdrawn, profits earned from trading with the bonus can be withdrawn after meeting the trading volume requirements.


The FreshForex USD 99 No Deposit Welcome Bonus stands as an open door to the world of Forex trading, enabling new traders to explore the markets without risking their capital. With no verification required and the potential to extend the bonus period, this offer encapsulates convenience and flexibility. By understanding the terms and leveraging the bonus wisely, you can embark on

your trading journey with added confidence and a strong starting point.


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