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Financial AstrologyDebt ceiling talks go down to the wire

Debt ceiling talks go down to the wire

(24 May 2023)  Financial markets are showing signs of
nervousness this week as the debt ceiling drama unfolds in Washington,
DC.  Stocks have posted declines over the past two days as the White
House and the GOP-controlled House attempt to find areas of compromise
to avoid a potentially disastrous debt default.  Treasury Secretary
Janet Yellen has stated that June 1 is the X-date after which the US
will not be able to meet is debt obligations, while the Congressional
Budget Office has suggested it may actually be sometime later in the

Even if the CBO is correct and US government runs out of money later
in the month of June, markets are nonetheless focused on Thursday, June 1
as a critical date.  If a deal is not reached by then, we should expect
much more market turbulence as investors reassess their risk and
reallocate their capital in light of this new uncertain terrain.

A useful astrological perspective on this situation considers the
Inauguration horoscope of President Joe Biden.  The Inauguration chart
for Jan 20, 2021 reflects the ups and downs of his both administration
and the country according to the dominant transit influences at any
given time.  Currently, we can easily see why stress levels are no doubt
rising in the White House.  Transiting Mars is now opposite the 10th
house alignment of the Sun (6 Capricorn), Saturn (9 Cap) and Jupiter (13
Cap).  Since Mars is the planet of frustration, conflict and anger, it
is not surprising that negotiations between Joe Biden and GOP Speaker
Kevin McCarthy have not shown much progress.  In recent days, Mars (6
Cancer) was exactly opposite the natal Sun and transiting Pluto at 6
Capricorn.  Mars (conflict) was in a tense alignment with the Sun
(government, leaders) and Pluto (power, coercion).

By next Thursday, Mars will be closely opposite Saturn (institutions,
tradition) and Jupiter (justice, prosperity).  On the face of it, this
is not a good combination for a last-minute debt ceiling deal before
June 1.  One might think that we merely have to wait until Mars is past
its exact opposition with Jupiter on June 2 for a deal to be struck to
avert a default.  That view actually makes good sense but the position
of Saturn raises questions about the presence of a more significant

Transiting Saturn (12 Aquarius) is now casting its full-strength 3rd
house/60 degree aspect to the Mars-Uranus conjunction in the
Inauguration chart.  This is a very stressful combination that suggests a
protracted period of conflict and frustration.  Since Mars-Uranus also
carries a military and violent symbolism, there is a higher risk of some
noteworthy military actions taking place in the coming weeks.  The
Saturn transit is particularly troublesome here since it is slowing down
ahead of its retrograde station on June 17.  This means that its
alignment with Mars and Uranus will be extended for several weeks
through the entire month of June and even into July.

In fact, stress levels are likely to rise further next week since
transiting Mars (12 Cancer) will aspect Saturn (12 Aquarius) by its most
malefic 8th house/210 degree aspect.  In this way, the Mars-Saturn
aspect will activate the Mars-Uranus conjunction and the natal Jupiter
at the same time.

What could this mean?  If it were only Mars afflicting planets in the
natal chart, we would expect the usual 11th hour deal before any
serious damage is done.  But the presence of Saturn here also suggests
this situation could be more serious.  If Mars is the trigger, It could
still resolve fairly quickly after June 2, but the damage to national
credibility may be more severe.  While an outright default seems
impossible, this double affliction by Mars and Saturn in the
Inauguration chart alerts us to the possibility of the situation getting
worse than many expect.

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