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Swing TradingRecent Bootcamp Feedback

Recent Bootcamp Feedback

 Just finished the Euro Bootcamp this weekend. The next boot camp is in April in New Jersey. Bootcamp is open to members only.

Good morning everyone from England! It was my 1st Bootcamp and didn’t really know what to expect. I was more than pleasantly surprised with the valuable content and ready to use practical knowledge on pattern recognition, various set ups, scanning for set ups, timing of trades, position sizing and stop loss. I was particularly fascinated by the segment on ‘Story Stocks‘ and how they are the ones to watch out for at the moment and in the future. I also found out about some of the weakness of my own trade management and I am going to implement the new learnings to my trades going ahead. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to turbocharge their trading journey. This could be the Wycoff’s Spring we need to launch our trading to the next level. God bless EG and pray that he has a long life ahead of him to keep helping the trading community as a down to earth, common sense, no nonsense teacher and trainer. There is no one like EG out there. Lots of respect.

Another bootcamp note

This is my 3rd after Stockholm and London bootcamp. I was hesitant to join and registered at the last minute.

I wasn’t expecting much gains from the training but boy I was wrong!

I got as much benefit as the in person bootcamps, if not more. And what stands out is how EG keeps improving the curriculum. He keeps changing the order of topics to make it more logical but more importantly he keeps adding material, which increases the impact of the overall experience

Next time don’t miss a chance to attend an online bootcamp even if you have attended an in person one before.

I,m so glad i attended the euru bootcamp this weekend. EG was amazing. I’m going on 2 years here on the site. I have learned so much and the BC tied the pieces together. I will be at the next one. This is a life changing event. His BC you learn and have fun too. Thanks EG!!!!

I have been in this site for over a year, watched all the videos including the daily 3 videos but still the boot camp brought new sense of understanding and clarity for overall approach to achieving the dream of becoming a full time trader. Thanks to EG for the passion in which teaches. I have learned a lot, not just about trading but also about learning in general life. I am a father of 3 with full time job so the remote boot camp made it easy to attend. Thanks EG!!!’


I have been on this site for 3 months digesting everything i can. Over that timeframe I’ve learned more about trading than i had in the previous 3 years. While that maybe a testament to my own failings, i think it is also a testament to EG and his ability to teach. This week i took his European Bootcamp. It really opened my eyes because he was able to show me, how all the pieces of his system connect. From structural setup to process loop to SA. It is clear to me that EG has a passion for the markets and just as much passion, to teach his members; and to see them succeed. I now know by putting in the work, I will succeed.

If anyone hasn’t attended a Bootcamp, it is a no-brainer. Just do it, it may change your life.

I just did my first bootcamp and I really enjoyed it.

I think that a special learning effect arises from the fact that the essential content is worked through in a structured manner within a short period of time. Even if the individual contents were essentially known, many pieces of the puzzle came together for me and massively improved my mind clarity.

Participation is therefore highly recommended.

Many thanks also for the European online version, because otherwise it would not have been possible for me with a full-time job and 2 children.

So feel free to do another online european bootcamp anytime 🙂


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