Trading School

[permalink link=”” id=”2617″ type=”adfly” target=”_self” title=””]Novice Level [/permalink]

In this Section we introduce the concept of forex or currency market and explain how it is different from other financial markets.

[permalink link=”” id=”2707″ type=”adfly” target=”_self” title=””]Beginner Level [/permalink]

This section builds on the concepts learnt in the novice level section.Traders at this stage are ready to build their knowledge,so some technical jargon are also explained in this section.

[permalink link=”” id=”2711″ type=”adfly” target=”_self” title=””]Competent Level [/permalink]

In this section traders learn how to analyze the market and how to trade them.Concepts like trading signals and trad routine are explained in detail at this level

[permalink link=”” id=”2714″ type=”adfly” target=”_self” title=””]Proficient Level [/permalink]

More advanced topics are explained at this level.

[permalink link=”” id=”2716″ type=”adfly” target=”_self” title=””]Expert Level [/permalink]

At this stage Traders learn those skills which fine tune their trading skills developed in previous levels.Knowledge acquired at this level gives an edge in making trading decisions more accurately and effectively.