Affiliate Program Brokers

Broker NameRevenue ModelRevenue Amount
12TraderCPA and Revenue Share
24OptionCPA and Revenue Share
AAAFxCPA and Revenue Share
AAFX TRADING COMPANY LTDRevenue Share and Net Deposits
Accent Forex CompanyCPA and Revenue Share
Admiral Markets GroupCPA and Revenue Share
ADS Securities LondonCPA 
AGEA International ADCPA and Revenue Share
AG-MarketsCPA and Revenue Share
AITS FXCPA and Revenue Share
AL Trade IncCPA
Alfa Trade UK LtdCPA and Revenue Share
Alfa-ForexRevenue Share and CPL
AlpariRevenue Share and CPL
Amana CapitalCPA and Revenue Sharewe can either pay per funded account according to county locations or pay per volume
AMarketsCPA and Revenue Share
AMEGACPA and Revenue ShareUp to $8 for every completed lot made on all instruments. A fixed reward of $100 for each new customer
Anzo Capital LimitedCPAAt Least 5 trading clients
ArgusFxCPA and Revenue Share
ATFXCPACPL available up to 700$. Paid at different levels of the sales funnel – is unique.
Atiora LimitedCPA and Revenue ShareECN Forex Broker Atiora have 4-level Affiliate program. At each level Atiora pay different partnership commission which rising from level to level.
Atlas Capital FXCPA and Revenue Share
AVATRADECPA and Revenue Share
AxioryCPA and Revenue Share
AxiTraderCPA and Revenue Share
Back Bay MarketsCPAFlat fee per signals trading client introduced
BCapitalsFXCPA and CPL
BCS ForexRevenue Share and CPL
BD SwissCPA and Revenue Share
Billion CapitalsCPA and Revenue Share3 Clients minimum
Blackwell GlobalCPA and Revenue ShareWe offer the following: Introducing Broker, Money Managers and White Label partnership programs
Blueberry MarketsRevenue Share and CPL
BTFXCPA and Revenue Share
Bulls Capital MarketsRevenue Share and Net DepositsTrade time duration is 15 seconds apart from this, no other trading condition.
BullsEye Markets LtdRevenue Share and Net Deposits
CaesarTradeCPA and CPLContact CaesarTrade to get it started at [email protected]
Capital IndexCPA and Revenue Share
Capital Investment Brokers Ltd-CIBFXCPA and Revenue Share
Capital Street FXCPA and Revenue ShareAccount Size, Account Activity, Number of Accounts
CapproFXRevenue Share and CPL
CentroFXCPA and Revenue Share
ChampionFXRevenue Share and CPL
Circle MarketsCPA and Revenue ShareLogin area for managing own promotions and sub agents
Circle MarketsCPA and Revenue Share
City Credit CapitalRevenue Share and CPLRebates of clients referred
City indexCPA
ClickTradesCPA and Revenue Share
CM TradingCPA and Revenue Share
CMS TRADERCPA and Revenue Share
CoinexxCPA and Revenue Share
Core Liquidity Markets PTY LTDCPA and Revenue Share
Core SpreadsCPA
DeltaStockCPA and Revenue ShareASK
DF MarketsCPA and Revenue Share
DUBAI FXM LTDRevenue Share and CPL
Dukascopy Bank SACPAUp to 50 % from commission
Dukascopy EuropeCPA and Revenue Share
DV MarketsRevenue Share and Net DepositsCommissions based on client’s trading volume
Easy-ForexCPA and Revenue Share
easyMarketsCPA and Revenue Share
EightCapRevenue Share and CPL
eToroCPA and Revenue Share
ETX CAPITALCPA and Revenue Share$600 CPA, 40% revenue share, $250 CPA & 20% revenue share
EuromaxFXCPL and Net Deposits
Evolve Markets LtdRevenue Share and CPL
Exclusive CapitalCPA and Revenue Share
ExnessCPA and Revenue Share
FBSCPA and Revenue ShareThree-level commission payments: you get 15% of the income of your 2nd level partners and 5% of the income of your 3rd level partners. The commission size varies from 10 cents (for Cent type of account only) up to $80 (for Silver on Micro account).
Fibo GroupRevenue Share and CPL
Fidelis Capital MarketsCPA
FinancialSpreadsCPA and Revenue ShareCPA: $220 to $300 per qualified account (10 trades) Revenue share: 20-25% (regulated websites only) Sub-affiliates: 5%
FinFXCPA and Revenue Share
FinPro TradingRevenue Share and CPL
FirewoodFX Global MarketCPA and Revenue Share
Foreign Exchange Clearing House Ltd-FXCHCPA and Net Deposits
Forest Park FXCPA
Forex Broker IncCPA and Revenue Share
Forex Optimum GroupCPA and Revenue ShareInitially you will receive 65 % from spread. At achievement of certain success your level of the income will increase respectively.
Forex Time-FXTMCPA and Dynamic Rebates –
Forex.eeCPA and Revenue Share
Forex4youSpread/Commission baseSpread/Commission base
ForexMartCPA and Revenue Share
Fort Financial Services-FortFSCPA and Revenue Shareup to 65% of spread
FreshForexRevenue Share and CPLUp to 20$ per 1 lot
Fullerton MarketsCPA
FX PrimusCPA and Revenue Share
FXBMCPA and Revenue Share
FXCCCPA and Revenue Share
FXChoiceCPA and Revenue Share
FXCLCPA and Revenue Share
FX-EDGE TRADING VENUERevenue Share and Net DepositsWe pay 2 USD per lot traded of introduced client
FXFairCPA and Revenue Share12 points of quote currency per lot traded by your client or up to $15 per lot in monetary value
FXFINPRO CapitalCPA and Revenue Share
FXGiantsCPA Up to 800$ CPA Trigger 6 round Lots
FXGlobeCPA and Revenue Share
FXGloryRevenue Share and CPL
FxGrowRevenue Share 
FxNetCPA and Revenue Share
FxOnUsRevenue Share and CPL
FXOpen AU Pty LtdCPA
FXOpen Markets LimitedCPA15% on Crypto and ECN, 0.24 pips on STP
FXOpen UKCPA and Revenue Share
FxOROCPAPlease contact us for further details – [email protected]
FxPlayer LtdRevenue Share and Net Deposits
FXPremaxCPA and Revenue Shareup to 2 pips commission Rebate 0.5/1 pip to all clients not deducted from IB commission
FxProCPA and Revenue Share
FXTPGRevenue Share and Net DepositsNo Conditions
FXtradeweb-FXTWCPA and Revenue Share
GAIN CAPITALCPA and Revenue ShareTo join the affiliate program you need to register add your personal details, payments method and some additional info
GAINSYCPA and Revenue Share
GCI Online TradingCPA
GDMFXRevenue Share and CPL
GKFX PrimeCPA and Revenue Share CPA payout range is $150-$600 per client depending on the activity or deposit size. Trade UK LimitedRevenue Share
GO MarketsCPA and Revenue Share
Grand CapitalCPA and Revenue ShareGrand Capital offers a wide variety of Affiliate Programs. To find out more please visit the link:
Grinta-InvestCPA and Revenue Shareminimum of 10 trades or 0.1 lots to be traded
GSI Markets LTDCPA and Revenue Share
Hadwins Capital LtdCPA and Revenue Share Up to $10 per lot on referred clients and 10% on other IBs referred.
Hantec marketsCPA
Hirose Financial UKCPA and Revenue Share
HiWayFXCPA and Revenue ShareFlexible
HotForexCPA and Revenue Share
House Of BorseCPA and Revenue Share
HYCMCPA and Revenue Share
IC MARKETSRevenue ShareRevenueShare model
iclickntradeCPA and Revenue Share100 CPA
ICM Capital LimitedCPA and Revenue Share
IFC MarketsCPA and Revenue Share
iFOREXCPA and Revenue Share
IGOFXRevenue Share and CPL
IKON Group-IKOFXCPA and Revenue Share
IMMFXCPA and Revenue Share 
Indigo DMA CorpCPL and Net Deposits1.level – 5 USD per 1 lot (100%) 2.level – 1 USD per 1 lot (20%) 3.level – 0,5 USD per 1 lot (10%) 4.level – 0,25 USD per 1 lot (5%) 5.level – 0,05 USD per 1 lot (1%)
Infinity Space IncCPA
InstaForex GroupCPA and Revenue ShareUp to 5.3 pips commission for affiliates and up to $2000 for CPA partners.
Interactive BrokersRevenue Share and Net Deposits
IronFXCPA and Revenue Share
IV BrokersCPA and Revenue Shareaccording to requirments of IB
Juno MarketsCPA and Revenue Share
JustForexCPA and Revenue ShareUp to $ 1500 per client; Revenue share up to 65%. (
Khwezi TradeRevenue Share and CPL
Land-FXCPA and CPLIB Prgram : Affiliate Program :
Larson-Holz IT LtdRevenue Share and CPL
LibertexCPA and Revenue Share
Liteforex Europe LtdRevenue Share and CPLPayouts up to $10 per lot.
LMAXCPA and Revenue Share
LMFXRevenue Share and Net Deposits60% of the spread commission and up to 5 tiers
London Capital GroupCPA250€ for every client that deposits min 250€ and trades a min of 10 Lots within a month
LQDFXCPA and Revenue Share
Market InvestmentCPA and CPL
Markets.comCPA and Revenue Share
MFX BrokerCPA and Revenue Share3 types of affiliate program: Standard, Multilevel, and CPA. IB-commission of up to $15 per every traded lot. Commission is charhed during 30 minutes after the trade is closed and becomes available for withdrawal at once.
Milton MarketsRevenue Share and CPLCase-by-case
MTradingRevenue Share and CPL
MXTradeCPA and Revenue Share
NAGA MarketsCPA and CPL
NefermaCPA and Net Deposits
NetoTrade Global Investment LtdCPA and Revenue Share 
NewForexCPA and Revenue ShareStandard partners commission is 1 pip of spread for a lot, i.e. $10 USD for EURUSD lot. – Commission can be withdrawn without any limits (like mininum commission\referal amount and etc) at any time.
Nova FX TradingCPA and Revenue ShareNovaFxTrading offers innovative approach to trading and generous affiliate compensations (for example, up to $800 CPA and possible commission from trading or from deposits, or combination of both) with possible promotional opportunities for career growth.
NSFXCPA and Revenue Share
ORBEXCPA and Revenue ShareAll Available here:
Pacific Financial Derivatives LtdCPA0.50 pips RT as rebate to IBs/affiliates
PaxForexCPA, Revenue Share, RebatesDepends by countries
PCM BrokersCPA and Revenue ShareMinimum 3 referrals
Pepperstone Group LimitedCPAContact us for info.
Plus500CPA and Revenue Share
ProfiforexRevenue Share and Net DepositsNone
Q8TradeCPA and Revenue Shareminimum 5 trades and a minimum deposit of $250 per client.
Ridge Capital MarketsCPA and Revenue Share
Saxo BankCPA and Revenue Share
SCHATZ MarketsCPA and Revenue Share
SimpleFXRevenue Share and CPL You earn up to 25% of the trading spread from directly referred clients. You earn 5% of your clients’ revenue share, which they earn from the traders they have referred directly.
SpreadCoCPA and Revenue Share
Spreadex LtdCPA£200 per account that goes on to place 5 spread bets.
STOCPA and Revenue ShareCPA, Revenue Share, CPL
StoxMarketCPA and Revenue ShareCPA upto 600$, and revshare upto 30%
SunbirdFXCPA and Revenue ShareUp to 600$ CPA plans
SuperForexCPA and Revenue ShareWe have such Types of Partnership programs: Introducing Broker Trader-Partner Investment Project Webmaster Blogger Forex Education Project Exchanger Forex Signal Provider Forex Advisor Seller
Swiss MarketsCPA and Revenue Share
Synergy FXRevenue Share and Net Deposits
TeleTradeCPA and Revenue ShareCPA: $20 for registration+$500 for replenishment+10% revenue share IB: 30% revenue share
TickmillCPAExchange account – IB gets 2 USD per 1 lot, round turn. All new clients introduced get automatically -5% commission discount. Classic account – IB gets 6 USD per 1 lot, round turn. No discount for clients.
TifiaRevenue Share and Net Deposits$20 for lot, 10% from sub-affiliates
Titan FXCPA and Revenue Share
TradeFxPRevenue Share and Net DepositsRefer a friend,Introducing Broker,Other
TraderNovoCPA and Revenue ShareUp to $600 CPA. Up to 40% rev share
TradingBanksCPL and Net Deposits 
TrioMarketsCPA and Revenue ShareTop affiliate program with accurate stats, dedicated account manager, quick payments and bespoke marketing materials….
TryMarketsCPA and Revenue ShareVariable
TTCM Traders-Trust Capital MarketsRevenue Share and CPLup to 10$ per lot
Turnkey ForexRevenue Share and Net Deposits
UFXCPA and Revenue Share$800 CPA
Uniglobe MarketsCPA and CPL
USGFX-Union Standard GroupCPABased on number of clients affiliates get.
Vantage FXCPA and Revenue Share
VARIANSECPA and Revenue ShareMust be committed and motivated
Vector Securities LtdCPA and Revenue Share
Vinson Financials LTDRevenue Share and Net Deposits
VolumeFXCPA and Revenue Share
WhaleclubCPA and Revenue ShareAffiliates share 50% of revenue from clients they refer.
Windsor BrokersRevenue Share
XBTFXRevenue Share and CPLAffiliate Link given to all users – 0 volume+ – 10% of commission paid on all client volume – 500 lots or more – 20% Payout upgrade – 1000 or more – 30% Payout upgrade Multilevel to 3 levels
xCFDCPA and Revenue Share
XGLOBAL MarketsCPA and Revenue Share
XM GroupCPA and Revenue Share
XTBCPA and Revenue Share
XTrade Europe LtdCPA and Revenue Share
XtreamForexRevenue Share and Net Deposits
YadixCPA and CPLDependent on Individuals needs., up to $12 per lot.
ZARFXCPA and Revenue Share

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