Forex Charts

In Forex Chart Page all Forex charts and forex live rates areupdated without delays in different ways.Live charts makes it easier for you to check your desired forex pair’s rate without having to open your trading platform.

If you are new to forex world and have not installed the Metatrader platform then you can download it from here.

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In live chart section ,as the name suggests, you will get access to free live forex charts with all the indicators and tools available in meta trader platform.

Listed below are the instruments supported by the chart application;
• Forex
• Commodities
• Indices
• Bonds
• Stocks
• Crypto currencies

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Live Quotes section will also get the live forex rates but you will not see any chart or news updates. Check the live forex chart rates.

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In Forex screener section more detailed information than live quotes is given.You will get information about highs,lows and many more desired facts.

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Forex cross rates section shows live forex rates in one sight. Now,you don’t have to switch between charts in order to see the current rate of other forex. It is a rectangular matrix of live forex rates.

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The market summary page shows the following contents.Here is a preview of market summary which traders will find in the market summary section.

live Forex charts rates
  • Bid
  • Ask
  • Daily High
  • Daily Low
  • Market sentiment