MCQs for Lecture #1 of Fundamentals of Auditing (ACC 311)

kindly read the rules before attempting the Online Exam.

  • Quiz will open in new window.
  • Quiz timer is shown on bottom right corner.
  • Right answers are highlighted with green border.
  • Wrong answers are highlighted with red border.
  • Quiz will be based upon Multiple Choice Questions.
  • You have to attempt the quiz online.
  • Quiz timing depends on the number of questions in the Question Bank.
  • Allotted time for single MCQ as per Virtual University regulations is (60*1.5*60)/50 =108 Seconds.
  • As there are 37 questions in CHAPTER 1 – THE COMMUNICATION PROCESS  so total time alloted for the quiz will be 108*37= 3996 seconds or 66.6 Minutes.
  • Quiz are bidirectional i.e you can attempt quiz in any order you like.
  • Quiz questions and their options are not repetitive in nature. It means that if you attempt the same quiz again the order of questions and their options will be different.
  • Do not press Back space button.
  • Do not refresh page unnecessarily.
  • JavaScript must be enabled.

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