Final Term MCQs


Subject CodeSubject Name
ACC 301Fundamentals of Auditing

Business & Finance

Subject CodeSubject Name
ACC 501Business Finance

Banking Laws & Practices

Subject CodeSubject Name
BNK 601Banking Laws & Practices
BNK 603Consumer Banking
BNK 604Management of Financial Institutions
BNK 610Islamic Banking Practices
BNK612Financial Jurisprudence in Islam

Principles of Economics

Subject CodeSubject Name
ECO302Principles of Micro Economics
ECO 303Principles of Macro Economics
ECO 401Economics
ECO 402Micro Economics
ECO 403Macro Economics
ECO 404Managerial Economics
ECO 406Mathematical Economics
ECO 501Development Economics
ECO 601Business Econometric
ECO 602Forecasting & Budgeting
ECO 603International Economics

Advanced Financial Accounting

Subject CodeSubject Name
FIN 611Advanced Financial Accounting
FIN 621Financial Statement Analysis
FIN 622Corporate Finance
FIN 623Taxation Management
FIN 624Islamic Mode of Financing
FIN 625Credit & Risk Management
FIN 630Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

Human Relations

Subject CodeSubject Name
HRM 611Human Relations
HRM 613Performance Management
HRM 617Training & Development
HRM 623Leadership & Team Management
HRM 624Conflict Management
HRM 625Change Management
HRM 626Recruitment & Selection
HRM 627Human Resource Development
HRM 628Organizational Development
HRM 630International Human Resource Management

Total Quality Management

Subject CodeSubject Name
MGMT 510Total Quality Management
MGMT 611Human Relations
MGMT 614Supply Chain Management
MGMT 615Transportation & Logistics Management
MGMT 622Management Skills
MGMT 623Leadership & Team Management
MGMT 625Change Management
MGMT 627Project Management
MGMT 628Organizational Development
MGMT 629Crisis Management
MGMT 630Knowledge Management

Financial Accounting

Subject CodeSubject Name
MGT 101Financial Accounting
MGT 111Introduction to Public Administration
MGT 201Financial Management
MGT 211Introduction to Business
MGT 301Principles of Marketing
MGT 401Financial Accounting II
MGT 402Cost & Management Accounting
MGT 404Managerial Accounting
MGT 411Money & Banking
MGT 501Human Resource Management
MGT 502Organizational Behavior
MGT 503Principles of Management
MGT 504Organizational Theory & Design
MGT 510Total Quality Management
MGT 520International Business
MGT 601SME Management
MGT 602Entrepreneurship
MGT 603Strategic Management
MGT 604Management of Financial Institutions
MGT 610Business Ethics
MGT 611Business & Labor Laws
MGT 612Corporate Law
MGT 613Production Management
MGT 621Administrative Law & Accountability

Marketing & Management

Subject CodeSubject Name
MKT 501Marketing Management
MKT 530Consumer Behavior
MKT 610Consumer Relationship Management
MKT 611Marketing Research
MKT 621Advertising & Promotion
MKT624Brand Management
MKT 625Services Marketing
MKT 630International Marketing


Subject CodeSubject Name
MTH 001Elementary Mathematics
MTH 100General Mathematics
MTH 101Calculus And Analytical Geometry
MTH 102Basic Algebra and Trigonometry
MTH 201Multivariable Calculus
MTH 202Discrete Mathematics
MTH 301Calculus II
MTH 302Business Mathematics & Statistics
MTH 303Mathematical Methods
MTH 401Differential Equations
MTH 403Calculus and Analytical Geometry – II
MTH 405Elementary Topics in Pure Mathematics
MTH 501Linear Algebra
MTH 601Operations Research
MTH 603Numerical Analysis
MTH 621Real Analysis I
MTH 622Vectors and Classical Mechanics
MTH 631Real Analysis II
MTH 632Complex Analysis and Differential Geometry
MTH 633Group Theory
MTH 634Topology
MTH 641Functional Analysis

Statistics and Probability

Subject CodeSubject Name
STA 301Statistics & Probability
STA 304Applied Statistics
STA 404Regression & Correlation Analysis
STA 406Statistical Inference
STA 408Design & Analysis of Experiments
STA 630Research Methods